smart home technology

Latest Home Technology Trends 

If you’ve seen ‘Man vs Bee’ you would’ve definitely swooned over the latest home tech in the Kolstad’s house. It is no surprise that with the evolving technology, we get to see unbelievable inventions that make our daily tasks easier. The possibility of almost everything getting automated seems very real in this day and age.  …

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cctv cameras

CCTV Cameras: Everything You Need to Know

CCTV cameras are becoming an increasingly popular security solution for both businesses and homeowners. If you’re considering installing CCTV cameras, you may be wondering what they can do for you and what to look for when purchasing them. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of CCTV cameras, how they work, and the different…

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employee time tracking software

All About Employee Time Tracking Software

Employee time tracking software provides administrators with a variety of useful features and capabilities for monitoring and recording individual employees’ behaviour, while they are on the clock. Monitoring extends to which websites your employees may access, which programmes they can use, how long they can use them, what messages they can send, and so on….

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