The Psychology of Conversational Marketing: How To Appeal to Your Customers

Learning how to appeal to your audience by conversation alone will help increase engagement and conversion for your business. While most companies spend more and more on ads to drive growth, you can increase revenue simply by talking to customers differently.

This blog post will provide an in-depth look at the benefits of conversational marketing and will show you how it can be used to create a positive customer experience.

Elements of Conversational Marketing

Effectively using conversational marketing means understanding the elements and nuances that create its effectiveness. Below is a breakdown of those elements to help your business attract more clients through the methods you’re already using.

Power of Personalization

According to global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company’s Next in Personalization 2021 Report, 76% of consumers are frustrated when businesses don’t have personalization built into the purchasing experience. Being able to include your customer’s name or other personal information in text marketing or emails helps to create a bond between you and your clients, and it increases trust. Omnichannel messaging providers like Mitto help you personalize every email with automation to make the task easy and quick.

Imagine receiving an email and the subject line has your name in it. You’re more likely to at least give that email a closer look than the others that don’t include any personal information.

The Importance of Social Proof

Social proof can be anything from customer testimonials to reviews and even the number of followers on your social media profiles. People tend to trust other people’s opinions more than they trust businesses or brands.

According to BrightLocal, a search engine optimization tool, 87% of consumers online read reviews before moving forward with a business. Having social proof on your website, in emails, and within your conversational marketing efforts will help build that trust with clients quickly.

Role of Emotions

While emotions aren’t typically talked about in other areas of business, don’t underestimate their effect when it comes to conversational marketing. Customers want to feel seen and understood, but they also want to be able to identify on a personal level with the company they’re purchasing from.

Use emotional appeals in your SMS campaigns when it makes sense. Creating a campaign based on a personal emotional experience from a team member can have a large impact on customers. The sense of loyalty and connections from your audience will be greater than in nonemotional campaigns.

Impact of Scarcity

In a HubSpot survey, 45% of respondents claimed that scarcity made them want to learn more about a product. When you add scarcity to your conversational marketing efforts, you’ll drive engagement and conversions.

An example is having a timer on a discounted product or service. When the timer runs out, the discount goes away. The limited nature of the discount makes people want to buy more often than if the option was always open.

Psychology of Color

McDonald’s always uses yellow and red in their stores and in advertisements because those colors are scientifically proven to increase appetite. The colors you use and how you use them can make a big difference in your conversational messaging efforts.

Cool colors, like blue and green, tend to evoke feelings of trustworthiness and reliability, whereas warm colors like yellow and red create the feeling that something is urgent or important. Incorporate your company’s brand colors into your conversations as well as in graphics or visuals.

Using Conversational Marketing

Conversational messaging is a powerful approach to attracting customers and increasing sales. Understanding the psychology behind it, such as personalization, social proof, emotions, scarcity, and color can help you create a more effective strategy for engaging your customers in meaningful conversations that lead to conversions. Partner with an omnichannel solutions provider like Mitto for your conversational messaging needs

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