Unique Ways to Gift Wrap a Teddy Bear

Gift Wrap a Teddy Bear

Giving out presents is really fun, but wrapping odd shapes like stuffed toys can be a hassle. In the event that you don’t have any gift bags on hand, it can seem like you have run out of options for wrapping a gift. The good news is that there are several different ways in which you can wrap a stuffed toy so that it looks less lumpy and more like a fun, exciting present that every child and adult will enjoy receiving. The only thing you have to do is to buy a teddy bear from a wholesale teddy bears shop and wrap it in one of the following ways. Here are some creative ways to wrap a teddy bear.

Unique Ways You Can Gift Wrap a Teddy Bear

Using a Tootsie roll

Have you ever considered giving a teddy bear-like rolled candy as a gift? But it is interesting to know that you can gift wrap your big squishy plush toy with a tootsie roll. Wrapping a soft plush toy like candy is one of the cutest ideas ever. Ensure that you wrap both arms and legs of your plush toy in the paper wrap, then top it with a layer of tissue paper. For the finishing touch, tie a fancy ribbon around both ends. Lastly, make sure the roll is fluffed up at the end.

Put the Teddy In a Gift Box

One of the most vintage and endearing ideas is to put a teddy bear in a box. There are many innovative ways to style up the gift box, and hence, it will make the gift more exciting for the recipient. Boxes in heart shapes, square boxes in brown paper, and smaller square boxes in tiny sizes are the ones you can look for. A stylish ribbon and a gift card on top make them look more attractive. For a romantic touch, you can gift the plush toy to your wife or girlfriend in cube-shaped boxes that open like doors. It will be an incredible surprise for your dear ones.

Balloon Wrap the Teddy Bear

Wrapping your gifts with a balloon can add a dramatic and creative touch. You will leave your dear one startled by a balloon filled with tiny stuffed bears. Whether you’re proposing to someone or surprising your loved ones on their birthday, it’s an unbeatable idea. You will definitely feel startled when you will find a big balloon filled with teddy bears. Make it look more appealing by decorating it with flowers, gift cards, and ribbons.

Use Plastic Table Cloth For Wrapping

Wrapping a giant stuffed toy in a plastic tablecloth seems like a very thoughtful idea because tablecloths have a very durable fabric that will protect the stuff properly. Furthermore, you can put a special twist on the gift by concealing it within the wrap and tying a stuffed heart pillow with a ribbon, giving it a surprise flavor. Therefore, this is an excellent way to gift a stuffed animal.

Gift Wrap the Teddy In a Basket

Adding cuddly toys to a lively basket will bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. Providing kids with such a generous idea will make them happy. Hanging balloons at the back of the basket will make it look cozy and cheerful. To add radiance, choose colorful baskets in shades of light blue, pink, and red. Putting teddy bears, stuffed monkeys, and stuffed hippopotamus in a basket is the perfect solution for those who want to give a lot of stuffed animals as gifts.

Put it in a Gift Bag

Gift bags are the best way to give a gift to anyone who enjoys going extra creative in order to surprise their loved ones and special ones and make them feel special. Making a gift bag with old waste items like cloth prints, shoe boxes, and paper bags can be a very interesting way to present a stuffed toy.


Those are the suggestions for unique ways to gift wrap a teddy bear. We hope you found them useful. Plush toys are fun to gift wrap, but it requires a lot of creativity and all your heart and soul. So, make sure you are gentle when wrapping the plush toy. When wrapping the toy, use glue and tape carefully. Lastly, this gift with Unique wrapping will make the receiver smile. Now you can wrap your gifts with ease and joy using these unique gift wrapping ways.

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