Ideas to Conider for Your Next Problem Solution essay

The very first challenge you can encounter while writing an essay is choosing on a subject, which is ironic if you’re writing a problem-solution essay. It needs to be something about which you have some awareness, even if you are not an expert. Or a topic you find fascinating enough to spend several hours studying everything there is to know about. Additionally, it needs to be delivered in a style that appeals to the audience.

Don’t worry if you’re still at a loss for ideas. We will provide 40 problem-solution essay topics in this blog article to get you started. Additionally, if you desire to get custom essay help to get A+ in your next exams, consider hiring our best essay writer UK.

What is Problem-Solution Essay?

An essay that highlights an issue or problem and makes an argument for a possible solution is known as a problem-solution essay. It is identical to a persuasive essay since the author is aiming to persuade the reader of the importance of the issue and the feasibility of the proposed remedy. This form of essay could be given in a college or university writing class, and it generally involves research before writing can begin.

Finding the problem that will be addressed is the first stage in creating a problem-solution essay. It might be beneficial to generate a list of potential essay subjects and bullet point ideas that might be covered for each one. The most fascinating problem-solution subject matters are those that may be analyzed from a variety of angles but are not too wide that it is hard to contemplate a solution to the problem. Although if you prefer a topic but it is too limited for study, you should avoid it. Neither chooses a topic that would be difficult to discuss in an essay’s

word limit. You need to maintain balance. While being ambitious is wonderful, avoid pursuing things that are too complex or overwhelming for you to handle.

Now, it’s time to get started with the best problem-solution essay topic list. To make it even simpler for you to identify what you’re looking for, we’ve divided up our topics into many categories.


1. How can we promote open conversation about mental health concerns in our society?

2. Should schools mandate physical education classes and recess in order to tackle the present issue of childhood obesity? 3. How can individuals be made aware of nutritious food? 4. Your chance of developing diseases like cancer and heart disease may be raised by specific foods. How should diets be altered by people?

5. Some medicines are so expensive that some people cannot afford to get treatment. What can be done to assist?

6. How may stress-related health problems be resolved? 7. Some people start consuming tobacco despite the fact that it causes cancer. What can government agencies and educational institutions do to stop this?

8. What measures may be taken to reduce unnecessary deaths from happening?

9. Which solutions might boost vaccination rates?


1. How can students efficiently study so they may get better grades?

2. How can students successfully balance their work, studies, exams, and social lives?

3. How can the government fully support college education? 4. How can education be made more inexpensive?

5. What solutions are there to the student loan problem? 6. How can a student prevent procrastination?

7. Is homeschooling a better option than traditional education? Environment:

1. What measures will necessitate a change in people’s lifestyles that includes more recycling and less consumption in general? 2. What steps can industries take to reduce the release of greenhouse gases?

3. How can we minimize deforestation?

4. What are the possibilities for switching to alternate energy sources?

5. How can we assist in the conservation of endangered species? 6. What are the most effective methods for reducing urban population density?

7. What regulations or policies should the government introduce to address climate change?

Social Issues:

1. What approaches would enable both native-born and immigrant communities to work together and respect each other’s histories and ambitions for their futures?

2. What steps may be taken to erase or prevent racism? 3. How can we increase literacy?

4. What is the most effective approach to avoid drunk driving fatalities?

5. How can the amount of people living in poverty be decreased?

6. How can the issue of unemployment be permanently solved? Sports:

1. What should professional athletes do to prepare for retirement or injury?

2. What can be implemented to increase the audience at your favorite sporting event?

3. How should a player or coach conduct a media interview after losing a crucial game?

4. How can coaches motivate athletes to perform at their peak level? Need more assistance?

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