Some Important Facts You Need to Know about Popular Business Names 

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Have you heard the stories of business owners about how they got to name their businesses in the first place? What made them choose something like the company’s present name, or what influenced them while coming up with the perfect name? There are multiple facts associated with famous business names. If you look at the history of business names, you will realize that most of them came from Greek Mythology and Latin words. 

Apart from that, many brands are also named after the founder of the company, especially in the automotive industry. When you research the origin of different business names, you will be able to know the goals and visions of other business owners, which will help you, choose the perfect name for your company. Here are some interesting facts you need to know about popular business names. 

Food & Drink 

Most popular drink and food brands created their business names through various inspiration forms. For example, some companies depended on mythology to come up with a business name, whereas many companies became less creative and chose the name of the founder. Even though choosing the founder to set the business name is not bad, it’s not creative and unique. This type of name won’t set your business apart from the crowd. Fanta got the name by using Fantasie, which means imagination in German. Soon they changed their name from Fantasie to Fanta while twisting the words. 

On the other hand, Pepsi got its name from the digestive enzyme pepsin. The primary goal of the founder, Caleb Davis Bradham, was to convince the customers that Pepsi is capable of improving their digestion. As a result, Pepsi started to showcase its brand goals through its names. Starbucks is inspired by the novel Moby Dick, getting the business name from one of the characters. 

Moreover, Jagermeister used the German language to come up with their business names which tell the master of the universe. When you choose different types of business name ideasyou will be able to choose something that will complement the logo, slogan, brand identity, and customers of your company. 

Some businesses also used the smell and flavor of their products as inspiration while creating the business name. For instance, PEZ got its name from Pfefferminz, a German word that means peppermint. Therefore, the taste of the candy is directly related to the brand. 


In the technological industry, you will find various exciting stories related to business names. Samsung was created by compound two Korean words. The sam implies three, and the sung implies a star. The meaning of Samsung is three stars, which showcases power. 

Do you know what the original name of Amazon, the world’s biggest e-commerce business, was Cadabra? It was change a couple of months later when people start mishea it. People used to hear Cadaver instead of Cadabra. This is why Jeff Bezos realized to change the name. He also showcases creativity by including an arrow, starting from Alphabet A to Z. The arrow showcases the vast availability of products and the capability of the company to provide them. 

Many other technology companies also changed their name to make them more meaningful and engaging. Google came from the mathematical term Googol. The founder of eBay chose Echobay at first but then changed the brand name. 

Sony also has a great history. Many people say that Sony got its name from the Latin word Sonus, which means sound. It also might come from Japanese origin, where the word means smart. Sony founders started calling themselves ‘sonny boys,’ which is how they created their name in the first place. As per All Business, an innovative and catchy business name will help your brand stand apart from the competitors. 

Automotive Industry 

Even though you will notice many car brands that are name after the founders, some manufacturers started going outside the box and created some great names for their brands. Volkswagen stands for people’s car, showcasing the manufacturer’s primary goal to develop affordable vehicles. On the other hand, Subaru means unite as well as a collection of stars. 

Hyundai came up with its business name from the Korean word that means modernity. Toyota, Cadillac, Pagani, Ferrari, etc., were name after the founder. The automotive businesses that chose the name of the founders as the business name have undoubtedly achieved success in their business. 


In the fashion industry, most business owners showcase the uniqueness and creativity of their brand by paying close attention while creating a business name. Nike is a brand that is aim directly at sports enthusiasts and athletes. This is why the brand is name after Nike, who is the goddess of victory. Adidas is believe to come from the phrase all day I dream about sports. But Adidas’s true origin was the founder’s name, AdiDassler. 

Reebok has another great exciting story behind their naming. The Reebok was name after the grandsons of the founder after they saw the term grey rhebok in the South African dictionary, which refers to African antelope. Pandora is also a great brand that took inspiration from Greek mythology, where Apollo, the god of the sun, gifted music to Pandora. This is why Pandora jewelry is consider one of the best gifts. 

Other Industries 

If you look at the other industries, you will also notice that they have great stories behind their business names. Nivea is one of the best cosmetic brands in the world that came from a Latin origin Niveus. Niveus is known as snow-white in Latin, which showcase the color of the skin creams of Nivea. 

On the other hand, Pantene, one of the most popular shampoo brands in the world, had chosen one of the key ingredients of the shampoo to name their company. Panthenol is known as the Provitamin B5, which makes the hair silky. This helped the company develop some great brand value for its customers. 


These are the interesting facts you should know about the most popular brands in the world. Make sure you look at the popular brands so that you can be inspire to choose the perfect name for your business. If you need the best assistance, make sure you contact us. 

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