9 Amazing Techniques You Can Use to Make Better Travel Videos

Do you want to create travel videos for a YouTube channel or a Vlog? Or do you love traveling and want to share your travel experience?

Making quality travel videos is the most effective way to share your vacation experiences with family and friends. However, the internet is loaded with billions of videos, so you need to create something unique and exclusive to catch the audience’s attention with your travel videos.

Many people love hiking, camping, or trekking, and you can motivate them with exciting travel videos. You may get audiences who love adventuring and want to visit specific destinations. So, making videos of the world’s best destinations will naturally attract audiences to watch your content.

But where do you begin to better your travel videos?

Best Tips to Make Your Travel Videos Standout

Begin by Exploring Some Online Travel Videos 

Watching tour-based films and videos gives you innovative ideas to work on. Good research erases the confusion you may have when beginning to create travel videos. You will create unique travel videos by looking at what others have done.

Make sure you analyze the available contents. Then, figure out what difference you can make in the travel industry through your videos and begin working. You will win many viewers when you post content that standouts out from the masses.

Do you work with tourist companies? Doing good research on available videos can lead to beautiful unexploited destinations you can focus on. So, ensure you watch videos on all travel niches before you begin making your travel videos.

Choose Appropriate Destination After a Solid Plan

A travel video isn’t just like other video content. Sometimes, you will go to different places with your equipment to capture shots.

Getting great footage for your travel video requires effort. Make sure you keep the sequence of places you would like to shoot. If your destination requires a permit, get it in advance.

You may find it challenging to shoot travel videos alone, so make sure that you prepare and inform your crew of every detail of your plan. You should figure out how to get shooting tasks done timely and organized manner.

Visit all places with spectacular natural features, and capture their images. Then, you can use such pictures to create amazing videos with music. However, you can use an online video editor to do proper footage editing when making picture videos with music to develop attention-grabbing content.

Pay Attention to Timing

You will need proper timing to capture the best landscape or outdoor footage.

First, lighting influences the quality of your video. And then, timing determines to light.

You shouldn’t miss out on the serine sepia tone of the horizon, or the sparkling snow cap appearing on the mount. They are some natural beauty you should have in your travel video.

However, being able to capture all that depends on your timing.

Make Smart Shooting

You should experiment with a variety of shooting methods when capturing clips. Using different shooting angles and methods attracts and keeps your viewer’s interest.

In addition, you can use advanced features like slow spinning, time-lapse photography, and shooting from your vehicle. All that bring your video to life with spectacular motions.

Ensure you shoot enough footage to avoid leaving important scenes in your video. At the same time, don’t capture unnecessary footage. Capturing the essential clips leaves you with time to enjoy your trip.

Edit Your Travel Video Footage

Editing is among the most basic stages in travel video making. If you get it wrong with editing, you create a poor video. No person wants to use their precious time to watch poorly done content. Your video should portray quality and offer value to the viewers.

Go through your footage and focus on scenes that stand out. Next, you can eliminate any part of the footage that doesn’t look good as you expected. Then, get a good video editor to trim unnecessary footage. Finally, check the story you want to create with your video before discarding any clip.

You should pay attention to the most spectacular images from your footage if you want to make a video online. Also, you should pay attention to the video color; if your video color isn’t attractive, do some grading and corrections using a good video editor.

Use Transitions in Your Video

Are you wondering what transitions are? Well, they are movements between different shots in a video. 

You will capture different scenes when shooting your travel video, and transitions allow you to tie clips and shots into a cohesive program.

When editing your video, you can consider fades, dissolves, or straight-cut transitions. However, avoid overusing flashy transitions in your video since they distract your audience. Instead, make sure you understand every transition form and how to use it where appropriate in your video.

Add Suitable Music to Your Travel Video

Good music in a video makes it more exciting and attention-capturing. Music puts your viewers into the mood of watching.

However, you should be careful when choosing a sound for your video. Pick a sound that is relevant and matches your travel video.

But how do you tell if your music is relevant? Begin with finding the goal of your travel video. Then pick music that complements your primary video message. You should also figure out who is your main audience when choosing music for your travel video.

The tone of your video is another factor you should consider for the right music. For example, some energetic music will be appropriate for a travel video. Make sure you check the copyright fast before using any music for your video.

When using pictures to create a video, you may use a video editing tool that comes with copyright-free audio.

Include a Narrative in Your Travel Video

Your travel video will be more engaging when you add narration to it. Everyone loves to hear stories. Does your travel video capture a story? If it does, your audience will be interested in watching from start to end.

You can add narration to the video once you return. Or you may choose to include narration during your travel. If you want ration to appear in your content, talk when shooting.

Narration after shooting could also be a great way to reflect on your vacation.

Add Signposts and Graphics

Your travel video will appear great with graphics and titles. Fix important titles and texts over your footage to give extra information to your viewer. Your audience will understand more about what is happening on screen when you add visual cues.

You don’t have to struggle to add graphics to your video. You only need a good video editor with the right templates.


Video making is one of the most lucrative businesses today. For example, you can create travel videos for your YouTube channel or Vlog and make money. Or you may make beautiful travel videos and sell tourism companies.

Today, you don’t have to invest all your savings in video-making equipment. With your smartphone, you can create amazing videos. All you need is quality footage and an advanced editing tool.

But before you begin the video production process, do some planning first. That way, you will create exciting content.

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