JollyMax Collaborates With Super Sus in Achieving Significant Milestone

The collaboration between JollyMax and Super Sus has proven to be highly beneficial for both parties. It has helped to promote and serve the local players, as well as increase the exposure of the game. As a result, the game has become increasingly popular and is generating a higher amount of traffic and revenue.

JollyMax helped Super Sus reach commercialization targets

JollyMax has played a pivotal role in helping Super Sus reach its commercialization targets. As a global, one-stop digital entertainment provider, JollyMax has partnered with Super Sus to promote and localize the game to a wider audience. The company has also reserved exclusive giveaway and recharging pages for the game on its platform. This partnership has led to increased brand awareness for Super Sus, as well as higher traffic and revenues.

JollyMax has a strong track record in helping global gaming companies expand their reach and build local communities for their games. They have experience in localization, promotion, and distribution, and their expertise has helped major gaming brands grow their brands in new markets. For Super Sus, intensive product localization was critical to reach a wider audience and achieve its commercialization targets. The game needed to be translated into a new language and be localized for different cultures and audiences.

JollyMax is a digital entertainment platform that allows users to create, share, and discover new content, as well as connect with their community. The platform also offers gamification and localization features that help creators reach larger audiences. It also offers voice recognition, filters, and video creation tools.

JollyMax helped grow a vibrant and growing community of players

JollyMax, a leading global digital entertainment platform, has worked with the developers of Super Sus to increase exposure in the local market. To that end, JollyMax has reserved an exclusive giveaway and recharging page for Super Sus on its platform. The global digital product and service provider is also exploring new opportunities to support the game developer.

Super Sus is a browser and mobile game that allows players to role-play as a variety of characters suspected of foul play. It requires a strong focus on localization, as players must speak the same language and understand the culture to be successful. The JollyMax team has worked with the developers of Super Sus to increase its exposure and help it meet its commercialization targets.

JollyMax helped boost exposure for the game

JollyMax is a global digital entertainment one-stop platform that has partnered with Super Sus to help the game gain more exposure. The company has reserved a special recharging page and giveaway page for the game and has been exploring new opportunities to support the game developer.

Super Sus is a social deduction action game that players can play on browsers and mobile devices. It allows players to role-play as one of several characters suspected of foul play. Because the game can be played by people from various countries, it requires localization and a strong focus on cultural and language awareness. JollyMax was able to do both of these things to help Super Sus gain more exposure and meet its commercialization targets.

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