Ways To Manifest The Eclipse Energies!

Eclipse – while listening to this word, everyone might get scared. So wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to harness the eclipse’s energy and use it to your benefit? Fortunately, Kalpesh Shah, founder and the CEO of MyPandit, has come here to help you out by providing you with certain precautions that should be taken during the eclipses. 

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Before revealing our secrets, it is essential to understand the meaning of eclipses. According to Hindu Vedic Astrology, a person’s traits, actions, karma, and beliefs may be determined by looking at the planetary placements, transits, and Nakshatras in their birth chart. The Sun and Moon are two of the important Navagrahas, or Nine Planets, in astrology which maintain stability and are responsible for solar and lunar eclipses. Two to three times a year, the Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu align to give us an eclipse season. Since these eclipses are thought to have negative effects, our expert astrologers advise avoiding doing any suspicious activity at that time. To navigate the bad consequences, various astrological remedies are used.Also, you can read about different eclipses and their significance on human life.

However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that you always have the choice of whether to act or not because eclipses can lead to circumstances in which you feel pressured to react. The power to decide what to do with the energy generated by life’s ups and downs belongs to you. While astrology gives you the ability to foresee what could come into your life, the actual magic only occurs when you channelise this energy in order to fulfil your goals.When will I meet my life partner? To get accurate marriage predictions, Consult your Personal Astrologer Now!

Although the eclipses are undoubtedly helpful, ultimately, it is up to you how you work with this energy. It’s not enough to merely observe life; you must also act and connect yourself with the universe. In order to achieve this, you should follow certain precautions and navigate the negative energies of the eclipse.If you are not sure about your moon sign, you can access your Free Janampatri Analysis and know it now!

Precautions During Eclipse

  • During this time, avoid starting any new tasks or projects.
  • Before the eclipse starts, add a few basil or tulsi leaves to the food. Throughout the eclipse, avoid touching the plant.
  • During this eclipse, stay away from cooking, eating, and drinking water.
  • Pregnant ladies are advised to take extra care during the eclipse and avoid using sharp objects like knives, scissors, or cutters, as well as avoid going outside.
  • During this time, avoid touching any god or goddess idols.
  • Natives are not allowed to clean their teeth, comb their hair, or use the washroom. 
  • Gangajal must be used to purify the entire house once the Lunar Eclipse ends.
  • After the completion of an eclipse, you are advised to donate some clothes or food to the needy. 

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Mythology Behind Eclipse

A popular myth is related to the formation of an eclipse. Rahu and Ketu are said to be responsible for the phenomenon of solar and lunar eclipses. It is said that during the time of sea churning, they produced Amrit or Nectar from it. Devtas made a great effort to stop the Asuras from escaping with the nectar, but they failed. Afterwards, they took help from Lord Vishnu, who took Mohini’s avatar and successfully brought the nectar and distributed it among all the Devtas. 

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After realising Lord Vishnu’s plan, one of the demons named Svarbhanu joined in Devtas line and drank the nectar. When Lord Surya (Sun) and Lord Chandra (Moon) exposed him, Lord Vishnu tried to destroy him by severing his head and torso with his Sudarshan Chakra. But because he was now eternal by drinking Amrit, Svarbhanu did not pass away, and his head was given the name Rahu, while his body was given the name Ketu.

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Rahu and Ketu were subsequently identified as shadow planets and are still said to curse the Sun and Moon out of anger and hatred.

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