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A three-point sling for a camera might be the answer to the problem of how to carry all your equipment. Why? To be fair, cameras have their drawbacks, such as being bulky and heavy. Specifically, high-end DSLRs aimed at professionals. There are issues with using the stock camera strap. You’ll instantly give off the impression that you’re a tourist if you wear it around your neck. In addition, it has a propensity to sway. The situation becomes completely out of hand if you bend down to switch lenses.

In terms of your camera,

The first and foremost factor to think about is the camera you plan to utilize. A sturdy, robust camera sling is required for the Canon EOS 1DX DSLR camera. Not so with a mirrorless or smaller-sized DSLR camera.

Perceived Ease

The camera’s included neck strap isn’t the most comfortable option. To put it simply, a DSLR camera is hefty. Furthermore, cushioned shoulder straps are unusual. All of the 3 point slinger for camera straps in our evaluation offer a wide, padded shoulder strap. Understand the significance of this. If your camera is bulky or you’re not planning on carrying a backpack, this is very important to remember.

Degree of Safety

Some time ago, I put a camera sling through its paces. It has a simple screw-in connection to the tripod mount. The following is my response to the designer’s work. That fitting was just too flimsy to withstand a full day on set. Chances are you wouldn’t know. Until a pile of metal and glass worth many thousand dollars fell to the floor.

Verify the sling’s connection and any safeguards it may have. For straps, I recommend Peak Design. Hidden in the design of their anchors is a tell. The anchor is a sturdy two-layer design. If wear-and-tear erodes the outer layer, the interior is a brilliant red colour to alert you to the risk.

1. PiuQ

The PiuQ can be attached to your camera’s tripod screw. The camera body is shielded by the rubber base of the screw-in eyelet. The strap length extends up to 21.5″ (55 cm) (55 cm). A locking carabiner secures it to the eyelet. The wide, padded shoulder strap is held in place by a strap that goes under the arm. Including shielding against scratches is thoughtful. And the shoulder pad is hard-wearing.

What makes me nervous is that there is no safety belt. If that one link breaks, so do you and your finances. If you want to utilize a tripod, you’ll need to take the eyelet out. The functionality is diminished as a result. However, the PiuQ is inexpensive.

2. Ocim

Buying an Ocim 3-point slinger for your camera will set you back a few extra dollars. Compared to the PiuQ, it is virtually indistinguishable. But there is a significant enhancement. A security strap fastens to both the camera and the slinger’s strap for added protection. This is very comforting to know.

It has an eyelet for a strap at the camera end. A strong metal locking carabiner is attached to the sling for further security. An underarm strap stabilises the cushioned shoulder strap. All of the straps can be locked into place for maximum security. The camera won’t be able to slip about as much now.

3. Waka

For a marginally higher sum, you can expect even higher standards of quality. The Waka strap may be used with a variety of cameras, and its wide padded shoulder strap contains a little storage pocket. It’s spacious enough for a lens cleaning cloth or backup memory cards. The adjustable straps attach to a plate at the camera end. This is the second upgrade.

The plate screws into the tripod mount. In contrast, it comes with its own dedicated tripod screw socket. You can use your tripod without removing the sling or its mount. Even your quick-release plate is safe to leave in place. The Waka also includes a security strap. The strap-to-camera clip is not a locking carabiner, which is a drawback.

4: Altura

Another solution that provides a secure compartment in the shoulder pad is the Altura 3-point slinger for camera. It’s not a very big thing. Yet additional batteries can be stored there.

In order to attach to the tripod screw, it features a thick rubberized plate. For further security, there is a safety strap. There is a lot of leeway for tweaking. The Altura’s weak spot is that it doesn’t have a secure carabiner for attaching the camera.


So far, the life of a 3-point specialist in front of the camera has been somewhat drab. Contrast that with the monochrome world of the USA GEAR TrueSHOT. It’s also very spot-on in other respects. The tripod thread is located on the mounting plate. That way you can leave it on and still use your tripod. The underarm strap provides additional support. There is a secure carabiner for attaching the sling. There are two pockets included. Both a memory card slot and an additional accessory slot.

There isn’t a quick release for the safety strap, which is my sole complaint. This feels like an unfortunate omission. One of its advantages is that it can be used to join together two separate slings. You’ll have room for two cameras. Perhaps you have a spare lens hanging off your other sling.


There aren’t any surprises to be found in the Foto&Tech 3-point slinger for cameras. With a rated capacity of 660 pounds, it should be more than adequate for your camera (300 kg). A locking carabiner serves as the connecting point for the safety strap. What you’ve said is comforting.

The camera mount is only a screw-in eyelet, which is a major drawback. To employ a tripod, you must, therefore, first remove it. A snap hook fastens the strap to it. Unfortunately, this carabiner doesn’t include a locking mechanism. Though there is nowhere to put anything, a pen can be clipped on. This may prove to be helpful.

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