The most important permanent eyebrow tattoo you need to see

The main thing to look for in a permanent eyebrow tattoo is not pictures from the Internet, but portfolios of procedures performed on clients in a clinic where you will hopefully get a cosmetic make-up. Focus on real photos of real people who have used the services of the same technician or beautician you are using. You should also bring up pictures of women with the same skin type as you, and if possible, women with the same hair color, bone structure and face shape as you. Why? Because a permanent Sunshine Coast eyebrow tattoo looks very different on a woman with olive skin and dark hair than on a woman with light skin and light hair, firstly because the pigment reacts according to the skin type and therefore the color or shade of the ink used. Ready. not comparable to a fair person with a black nature.

Other images to consider

Eyebrows are a facial feature that determines how our eyes look as they frame our eyes, and their arch or curvature also affects the appearance of our face, whether we look happy or sad or constantly scared if the arch is too high. . So the most important objects of your attention are the pictures, which help you decide with the help of a beautician, technician or tattoo artist which one best suits your bone structure. It is not so easy, especially if there is nothing left of the original or natural eyebrow shape. Where can you find ideas like this about the shape and style of eyebrows and arches? The best places to find such models​​​​ are not in magazines, but in faces. Go back, look in the mirror and draw a pattern with a stencil, preferably packed around the bone structure. After you’ve tried two or three shapes, you can also take a photo of the best shape and take it to your beautician to see if it can be recreated to make the tattoo permanent.

You are your best image

The most successful permanent eyebrows are those that follow the natural curve you were born with. If possible, find old photos of yourself and try to replicate the shape. Note that if it was full to begin with, you may need to thin it out a bit. Or if they are naturally thin, add a little more. Remember that you are your best image. Your own eyebrows are your best model and pattern. Forget the model. Forget internet pictures of beautiful Asian women with delicate eyes and forget top supermodels trying to get the best eyebrows. You will be more satisfied when you get permanent angles designed to your best features.

I have undergone cosmetic make-up procedures

in many clinics in different parts of the world and for different reasons. They all worked out and I’m happy with the results; It’s easier to wear less makeup, it’s easier to wake up with beautiful eyebrows and perfect eyeliner and soft lips. I also love swimming and outdoor activities, so I never get my face wet, at least no liquid eyebrow pencil, no dark liner under my eyes and no boredom. Lifeless lips. This is my experience, so of course I have been recommending permanent makeup for a long time. But the truth is that tattooing any part of your face is a serious matter and definitely not for everyone!

My permanent makeup adventure started

so I had the best beautician at a clinic in Hong Kong. Then in Taipei I had my eyeliner touch up a few months before the wedding, so my honeymoon on the distant shores of Macau was makeup free. However, in my nearly 10 years of travel as a culture reporter in Asia, I have seen countless women whose cosmetically tattooed eyebrows are a complete disaster, mostly because the shape and arch of the eyebrows are too visible. Made above the natural eyebrow, or because the eyebrow line looks unnatural, it is tattooed on the skin with a fixed point of ink instead of the natural feather of the existing hair.

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