Benefits of Business Phone Systems

Benefits of Business Phone Systems

Your business is growing, which means you’re doing something right. You will eventually outgrow your personal phone lines as your business grows. Upgrade to a business phone system if you are hiring new staff or need advanced calling and collaboration features. As your business grows, here are five ways a business phone system can help.

1 Save time and money

Old-school PBX systems are just that—old. They’re bulky, expensive, and take up space. Setting them up takes specialized support, and they require ongoing maintenance that also costs your business money and time. By adding more capacity or new features to your phone system, you can spend your time and resources on your business instead of your phone system.

You won’t have to worry about any of those problems with Knowlarity’s cloud phone system. Your business can grow with it as your needs change because it’s off-site, easy to set up, and grows with you over time. The greatest part is that a business phone system offers advanced features at a lower price than traditional PBXs.

2 One-stop shop with all the features

Your small business communications will be simplified by switching to a business phone system. It has several advantages to consolidating your communications, whether you need call management features such as forwarding and call logs or collaboration tools such as conference calls and online meetings.monoprice 110010

The best solution is to focus on one simple solution with parts that are designed to work together, rather than using a set of tools that don’t always work well together. A business phone system also gives you access to features that consumer phone lines can’t compete with, such as rule-based call answering, call screening, and advanced call notifications.

3 Best phone systems for remote workers

Well, not really. Every day, many people use them in their businesses. However, business doesn’t just happen at your desk anymore. Also, it happens while you’re away from the office, working from home, or working from another country. Without worrying about hardware, you can work from anywhere with a business phone system. Irrespective of where your business takes you, you can use the same tools and features.

Telecommuters can also be connected to your business phone system. No matter where your employees are, seamless call forwarding keeps your team in touch with your clients, and free or paid conference calling tools keep everyone on the same page. As your business expands, you need this kind of flexibility.

4 Project a professional image

A small business owner has a lot of responsibilities, often at the same time. You still want to look and act like a pro, even if you’re a small business. monoprice 110010 That can be accomplished with a cloud-based business phone system. Keep track of your customers’ needs with quick and easy call routing, automated assistants, and voicemail and call notifications.

You can project success even if you’re a one-man show with a cloud business phone system. You can provide top-notch, flexible customer service using business phone features such as holding music, transferring calls to other extensions, or even flipping a call from your desk phone to your mobile device.

5 Keep your private information private

Your data and privacy are at risk if you use your personal phone for business.

Providing your cell number to clients is a great way to stay mobile. You can also be reached by your customers anytime, anywhere, even when you are on vacation or with your family. When you use a cloud business phone system, your personal contact information is kept private, and you are able to stay in touch with your customers from anywhere at any time.

It is possible, however, for your proprietary data to be at risk if your employees use their own devices. When call logs and customer contact information are stored on personal phones, your business literally walks out the door with your employees. You are at risk of losing your mobile phone or having it stolen, which exposes your data. However, that isn’t the only threat. Your proprietary client data can easily (and accidentally) be taken by employees who move on from your company.


The communication needs of your business increase as the business grows. You can get the features, flexibility, and security you need from a cloud-based business phone system. As well as providing employees with tools for staying connected and being more productive, it allows your business to thrive.

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