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The author is a doctor of engineering. Since the work has SCI paper indicators, several SCI papers are urgently needed topics to write a research paper on. The author plans to start preparing for writing and submitting papers in June. Taking this opportunity, the author will spend a few months recording the entire process of this engineering SCI paper, from the determination of the research topic to the successful publication of the paper, and to share this process with readers. The author will share some small experiences with you in this process, so this article is not a simple running account but authentic dry goods; welcome to collect.

The first issue mainly records the research and writing plan made by the author using the timeline. Readers who want to communicate with the author, please add WeChat: topedit2029; let us write a paper together! Interested readers can ask for a link to the original mind map through WeChat. The specific method is as follows:

How to get it for free: 

Follow Toutiao’s official account “You must get professional paper compilation,” and like, favorite, and forward this article on Toutiao, and send the screenshot to the WeChat account (topedit2029) to get the original mind map file ( No watermark, editable).

Planning matters:

When I was in graduate school, I felt that I had never been idle, but looking back, I found that I seemed to have been spending a lot of time on one or two things. It takes several days to read a document, and you may still not understand it, and you will have to go back and reread it in a few days!

Time is not used less, but the efficiency of research and writing is very low! The author summarizes the experience and lessons and believes that doing research and writing papers is inseparable from planning! It is imperative to make a plan.

After making a plan, you know what you are doing at every step, what you should do next, what the time point is, where the key points and difficulties are, and everything will be under your control. Hopefully, readers will be inspired to complete their studies, research, and dissertations more efficiently.


Regarding the timeline, the author previously shared the use of the timeline to make a scientific research schedule in the article “Scientific Research Can’t Be Planned, Timeline Helps You Review the Past and Plan the Future.” Interested readers can take a look! Timelines can not only plan the future but also look back on the past, which is higher than pure outline text. One of the significant advantages of mind mapping tools is the automatic layout, which saves time and effort than using VISIO to draw by yourself!

In this issue, the author used the timeline to make a research and writing plan for an SCI paper! Timelines are also used in different ways for different purposes. The author creates the usage of the timeline in this issue after half a month of retreat. Readers need not be limited to the author’s methods and forms; they can play alone!

Research and Writing Program:

A paper is inseparable from previous research and research work. The author tried to include all the links to publishing a paper (from scratch) and planned each link in chronological order (order cheap essay). The topics of each link are decomposed and introduced, and each topic gives the author’s estimated start and ends time and completion status! Follow this timeline to execute your research and writing plan in an orderly manner to publish an SCI paper efficiently!

Without further ado, I directly post the research and writing plan made by the author with the timeline and briefly introduce each link!

Next, I’ll briefly introduce each section and estimated completion time.

Clarify the research direction and find a direction! The research topic will affect all the following links. Once the research topic is unclear, it will affect the efficiency of other links! A dissertation must revolve around a theme. Don’t scratch buds and eyebrows, but focus on one problem.

Literature Research Paper

Literature research is the foundation of research! Many people are eager to find and research solutions after getting their supervisors’ research directions. I think this is a bad practice. Not only to know what others have done but also to know what you can do! The corresponding literature author is also an essential source of recommended reviewers for later submissions, so everyone should pay particular attention!

Research Paper Content 

Through literature research, clarify your research content, extract scientific problems from research content, initially set solutions, and consider why and how to do it; these are the sources of your innovation!

Theoretical and methodological research

After the research content is straightforward, it is necessary to study the solution and theoretical basis, including basic principles, implementation methods, feasibility, etc.

Experimental platform construction 

The author is doing simulation experiments, programming is essential, and turning theory into reality is the key to research! Not only the implementation of the method but possibly the visualization of the results! You can look at it, don’t worry about the author’s practice!

Experimental Research 

The experiment is the key to the test method. The author mainly considers it from three aspects: the experiment’s purpose, the design, and the results! The author once said in previous tweets that literature research is not only an excellent opportunity to learn about the research first but also a good opportunity to learn how to experiment!

Writing a dissertation

After completing the above work, you can write the paper wholeheartedly. The author usually writes the abstract and introduction of the final paper! The paper needs to be carefully polished. After reading the manuscript several times, you can always find the problem!


Journal selection is essential. Choosing the wrong journal will delay the review time. I hope my paper can be published in a journal with a high JCR division! Before submitting a manuscript, you must determine the author and unit. Changing the author is a very troublesome thing! Each journal submission may require different documents to be submitted, so please do your homework in advance to avoid confusion!


Reviewing is not something that the author can decide. I don’t like to guess who the reviewer is; let it be, and I try my best to solve the problems raised by the reviewer! The author hopes to be accepted before the end of the year. Now the review efficiency is relatively high, and there will be results in basically 2 months!


Be mentally prepared to be “rejected.” There are many reasons for being rejected. Set up your mentality and start over! Whether you are rejected or accepted, by summarizing your experience, you will have a deeper understanding of this research field and even find the research direction of your following paper, which is why some people keep writing papers!

Through this timeline, the author’s research and writing plan can be seen at a glance, the completion of each stage can also be marked on the timeline, and even notes can be added. The author expects a one-month research and writing plan, strictly abides by the plan, strives to submit the manuscript on July 1, and hopes to be accepted before the end of the year! Considering some irresistible external interference factors, the author will submit the manuscript in mid-July at the latest! You can supervise me, which is one of the main reasons why I wrote this tweet!


This issue mainly introduces the use of timelines to make research and writing plans, which does not mean that it only has this function. Later, the author will use this timeline for research and writing papers. The author will gradually improve it based on the present, and it will become more and more full! The timeline everyone has seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg, and its true face has not been revealed yet, let’s wait and see! The author not only wants to share the SCI writing experience but also wants to supervise and supervise himself in this way so that you can pay attention to this “Complete Record Series of SCI Papers for Doctor of Engineering” the author will update. It is from time to time!

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