Top Detective Games in Roblox

Top Detective Games in Roblox

Every gamer enjoys solving a good, exciting mystery. That is why Mystery and Detective games are becoming increasingly popular on Roblox. Most of the games in Roblox are rip-offs of well-known games that you may have already played on various consoles.

Best Detective Games in Roblox

Here are some best Detective and Mystery games:

  • Murder
  • Murder Mystery 2
  • Ghost Hunt
  • Murder Mystery 3
  • Twisted Murderer
  • Imposter
  • The Mad Murderer


A homicide game was released after the popular Roblox game Murder Mystery. Murder isn’t particularly popular, and it has fewer place trips than almost any other murder mystery game. However, it is an exceptional murder game that one may come across. You are referred to as a “Bystander” rather than “harmless.”

It was based on a real Murder Mystery, but with several enhancements to that of the main series. The game also isn’t played in just the same location, but rather, the players are transported to some other server on the map. Players can customize their clothing, machete, and weapons. But only on the main space, which also serves as the game’s main menu.

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Murder Mystery 2

Due to their lack of defense, the innocents cannot hurt the other players. They want to help the sheriff identify the murderer by offering their expertise as witnesses to homicides. Even if a murdered sheriff dumps a firearm, an innocent could pick it up and become a hero if they succeed in firing the killer.

Innocents gain XP contingent on the activity of the player such as the time survival and trying to make their coin bag full, and the hero receives the same XP as the innocents with an increment of winning the round, increasing after each hero. Only the murderer and the sheriff are equipped with knives that can be used to kill innocent bystanders.

Ghost Hunt

You have to find a spooky, mystical psychiatric facility inside this bizarre game. In order to survive, players must rely on camera systems, numerous light sources, and other strategies. Of course, players must work together to chase a ghost, as the game’s name suggests.

Teams can play in clusters of three to four and spread out on various levels to seek the ghost.

Murder Mystery 3

Participants are generated in a leafy, western-themed lobby. Every round, participants were transported back to an arbitrary map where a killer and sheriff would be selected. The killer’s primary goal would have been to kill every other participant without being shot first. The sheriff’s objective would be to shoot the murderer while avoiding killing innocent bystanders. Innocent players were to keep an eye on one another and keep an eye out for the killer.

Twisted Murderer

This murder mystery game is a little different from others. Instead of getting random names and characters throughout the game, each player will have a unique costume. Some animals can be brought into the game as pets. Sessions like Double-Trouble, Juggernaut, and more are incredibly distinctive.

When there are only three to two innocents remaining, their names can be seen via walls whenever the killer is closer. The game was created in September of 2014 by a developer named paymaster. 


It’s not solely focused on hunting down other players like some other survival games. At any time during the game, participants could get together and vote to banish rival players. If they oversee to recognize the impostors accurately the crew comes out on top.

The Mad Murderer

This game is among the most frequented games with 21+ million trips. Unlike Murder Mystery 2, which features a protagonist of innocents, Sheriff, there are many different configurations in The Mad Murderer that ensure you are not trapped on a repetitive stage.

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We have shared the list of some best Detective games in Roblox 2022 for you guys to enjoy.

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