The Best Proprietary Trading Firms for Penny Stocks

The Best Proprietary Trading Firms for Penny Stocks

The term “proprietary trading” refers to any kind of trading that a brokerage is doing itself, rather than on behalf of its clients—that is, they’re not selling you anything; they’re buying and selling things for their own profit. These trades can include buying and selling stocks, bonds, futures contracts, currencies, and commodities. A proprietary trading firm might have hundreds of employees or just a handful; they might specialize in one type of trade or spread their bets across multiple markets; they could be large banks with branches all over the world, or small hedge funds tucked into the side streets of New York City.

Top 5 best Proprietary Trading Firms

Here are the top 5 best proprietary trading firms:

1) TopStep

TopStep is one of the few trading firms that offer a complete range of services for all levels of traders, from beginners to professionals. This company was founded by a team of experienced traders, and they continue to provide the best in customer service. They have five support representatives besides the founder, and they are always available to assist clients via email or phone. They also offer live chat and a forum where members can share ideas and tips with other traders.


-Good track record

-Good customer service

-Easy to register and get started


-No retirement plan for employees

2) FidelCrest

FidelCrest has been operating as a successful Proprietary trading firm since the late 1970s, offering a safe and secure environment to trade stocks. FidelCrest is based in the US but does not have any official location listed on its website.

FidelCrest was founded by Jeffrey L. Fidel in 1978. The company was originally named Fidel & Company but changed its name in 2010 to FidelCrest due to a lawsuit from a competing company with the same name.

The company offers services such as stocks, options and futures trading on assets including oil, gold and silver, as well as others. There are also additional services, including advice on managing wealth and retirement planning, as well as more general investment advice with no financial commitment required on the part of clients.


– You can get started very quickly with no prior experience (FidelCrest provides step-by-step instructions on how to start a trading firm)

– They provide everything you need to get your business up and running (servers, hardware, software, data feeds, etc.)

– They don’t take any fees out of your profits


– You have to share a percentage of your profits with FidelCrest for the use of their servers and data feeds (this can be as high as 30%)

– You don’t have access to your own data feeds—you’re limited to the ones provided by FidelCrest

3) The5ers Funding Forex Traders

The5ers is the fastest growing Forex trading company in the world. Their expertise, commitment to excellence and active involvement in the development of trading systems have been recognized by a number of companies and financial institutions. They provide some of the best Forex trading signals and a wide range of financial services, including money transfer and currency exchange. The5ers success is attributed to their close relationship with their clients and our constant striving for excellence. Its mission is to be the leading Forex trading company in the world.


-Quick Funding

-Flexible Funding

-Fast Withdrawal Time


-Poor Customer Service

-No Free Trial or Demo Account

4) City Traders Imperium

The City Traders Imperium is a standout amongst the most grounded retail and institutional proprietorship trading firms in the UK, with a solid working history of more than 35 years. The organization is respected for its unwavering quality standards and is focused on giving shrewd contributions to its clients by giving them an entire scope of exchanging administrations from market information to qualified counsel. With an extensive group of experienced specialists and particular authorities, the City Traders Imperium gives its clients a chance to exchange and buy securities utilizing diverse forms of investment strategies. The firm has a solid working history of handling a few exchanges that have made financial and monetary records.


-They have an excellent reputation and many happy customers who are glad they chose them.

-They are experienced in this field, so you can trust them to help you make informed decisions about your investments.


-Their offices are located in New York City, which means clients in other areas of the country may have a hard time getting in touch with them or face significant travel expenses.

5) Audacity Capital

Audacity Capital is a proprietary trading firm founded in 1996, and they have seven offices in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Milan, and Tokyo. They offer day trading services to retail investors who want to enter the market without the challenges of becoming a professional trader. They also offer managed accounts based on a variety of strategies that are customized to meet the specific needs and goals of each individual account holder. Their focus on optimizing systems and providing personal guidance has earned them recognition as one of the best at what they do.


-The other major firms don’t offer real-time quotes or trades on futures

-They offer a commission-free environment for trading stocks, ETFs and options for clients who use their services for over $100,000 in contracts traded per month.


-No mobile app is available yet

-No bonuses or free money is given out


There are many ways that the proprietary trading firm will affect the economy. Not only will it affect the economy, but it will also affect our lives as well. The general public is going to be affected by the actions of these companies and whether they like it or not. They are going to be affected in a positive way or affected in a negative way. Overall, we have learned that being a part of the stock market, in any aspect, can have an incredibly positive outcome on our lives.

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