Paria Outdoors Tri-Fold Carbon Cork Trekking Poles Review

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The Tri-Fold Carbon Cork Trekking Poles by Paria Outdoors are adjustable-length, z-style trekking sticks that can be folded away for transport or when not in use. They are much cheaper than other folding carbon trekking sticks with cork handles at $60 per pair and provide a functional and durable alternative to the more expensive poles from Black Diamond and Leki. These are adjustable length poles. This is a significant advantage over other folding poles that are fixed in length. If the required lengths are different, it can be difficult to use them for hiking or setting up a trekking tent.

The Paria Tri-folds are very rare because of their adaptability and folding ability. They also have carbon fiber shafts and cork handles. Every pair comes with a pair of carbide tips, rubber tips for walking on pavement, and mud baskets. Replacement tips can also be purchased if yours is damaged. These same poles are also available in an aluminum version with EVA grips from Paria.

For those who travel frequently or need them for occasional use, folding trekking poles can be a great choice. These Paria Tri-Fold trekking poles, for example, can be folded down to 14 inches and 1/8 inches. This makes it easy to stuff them into an airplane bag or into a backpack when you don’t need them. It’s convenient to be able to fold them up and put them in the side pocket of my backpack when I don’t need them. It’s very convenient.

Paria Tri-fold poles have five sections, not three. When the pole is folded, the bottom four pole sections are joined by an internal cable. The bottom four sections are connected by an internal cable that keeps them together when the pole is folded. The fifth section of the top has a cord handle that slides over the fourth. This allows for 20 cm’s adjustment. The top fifth segment locks with a flick lock style. You can also adjust the lock tension manually with a small screw. Although it took me several attempts to understand how the poles collapsed and expanded, once you find the locking pin, it is not difficult to do so. My Pacerpoles, my non-folding trekking sticks, use the same dual lock lever/lock/pin model.

These Paria Trifolds’ carbon fiber segments are as thick and durable as most carbon-fiber trekking poles. They can break if you turn your back on them. Since I use them mainly when I am fly fishing or wading in mountain streams, I am quite surprised that I have not snapped one yet. These are dangerous circumstances, and I have broken many carbon fiber and aluminum poles. You can also use Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles. this is the best option for trekking poles.

Tri-fold handles have cork grips with EVA extensions. When hiking up hills, grip them lower. Cork grips are not something I like, but they can mold to your hands over time. Tri-folds come with adjustable hand straps but are not padded. Many have written about the superiority of carbon fiber trekking poles to aluminum poles. In particular, how they are “stiffer” than aluminum and vibrate less than aluminum. They are both equally effective in hand and I have used them interchangeably over the years.


These Paria Tri-Fold Carbon Cork Poles ($60) are a great choice if you’re looking to purchase your first trekking poles. These poles are durable and easy to maintain for daily use. While you may pay more for high-end folding carbon fiber poles, you will not get the same value. Highly recommended!

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