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online classes for class 12

Are you for NCERT online classes for class 12? Do you wish to know which 12 online classes to join and get NCERT books and solutions from these online classes? You can find all these answers below. Vidya Setu is the best NCERT online class for class 12, it also provides the CBSE class 12 syllabus, books and solutions free of cost.

Class 12 is a crucial and final stage in every student’s life as it’s their last school year before joining college. In Class 12 students majorly have three streams which are Commerce, Science and Arts. Although as per new policies of ministry of education the students can choose subjects from different streams as well.

National Council of Educational Research and Training

The NCERT or National Council of Educational Research and Training is a government organization affiliated with CBSE. It comprises academicians and scholars who are responsible for the regular upgradation of the NCERT raiderlink books.

The CBSE prescribes NCERT books in its syllabus and is mostly used around the country. These scholars regularly refurbished and upgraded NCERT books for class 12 and are not very expensive. It also provides other study material and solutions. These books are chargeable and can be bought offline or online but Vidya Setu provides these raiderlink books free of cost.

NCERT Books for Class 12

The NCERT or National Council of Educational Research and Training is a government organization in affiliation with CBSE. It’s a literary and educational society under the Society Registration Act. The NCERT books provided are compulsory in class from 10th to 12th. uark blackboard NCERT books are provided for primary to high school. NCERT books are a little expensive for poorer sections of the society who are willing to study and look for ways to find it for Free. Either the students can borrow the books or download them directly from Vidya Setu.

NCERT Solutions

The NCERT or National Council of Educational Research and Training is a government organization in affiliation with CBSE. utsa blackboard NCERT solutions can be found at many websites but not free of cost. Solutions have huge importance as there is no point in solving if the students do not know what they are doing is correct or not. NCERT Class 12 solutions also help students in analyzing their answers and preparation level. It can boost confidence and at the same time can tell the topics where preparation is lacking.

NCERT online coaching classes for class 12

NCERT Class 12 online classes have turned out to be a feasible and reliable source as it provides education with utmost safety and at times completely free of cost. There are numerous benefits of Online lectures for class 12 CBSE like experienced teachers, 24*7 problem solving, and safe. But not all online classes are good enough and do not have experienced teachers even the free video lectures are of bad video quality.

Vidya Setu provides the first rate NCERT online classes for class 12. Its classes are free of cost and are provided by experienced teachers in HD quality.

Vidya Setu – NCERT Online Classes for Class 12

Vidya Setu is a leading online portal that provides class 12 online classes for CBSE. It is an open school looking forward in educating every student who is willing to have a successful career. The students who have taken NCERT 12th online video lectures have seen a great deal of growth in their percentages and are able to score 90% marks in the 12th board exams.

Vidya Setu caters resources and class 12 Study material such that students can find all the requirements for preparation at one place only. The teachers are extremely supportive and goes out of the way to help students during the need of the hour. Students can also find the NCERT books and solutions absolutely free of cost in downloadable links.

Benefits- NCERT online classes for class 12

  1. You can find exceptional teachers who are passionate and expertise in the subject they are teaching.
  2. Online classes can also help you in providing extra help which their school teachers may not be able to provide.
  3. The Online lectures for class 12 CBSE are safe as students do not have to step out of the house to attend classes.
  4. Free online classes for class 12 helps students in saving money which they can further invest in their future studies.
  5. Live online coaching for class 12 gives students a complete school experience and keeps them active, whereas the class 12 video lectures help students in viewing lectures multiple times.


NCERT provides the most important study material for class 12 students. The class 12 NCERT books and solutions prescribed by CBSE are primary resources require studying for preparation. Vidya Setu provides the NCERT online classes, NCERT books, and solutions absolutely free of cost.

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