Mini Guide To Kilt Shoes

Mini Guide To Kilt Shoes

Kilts are a form of shoe that is commonly worn in conjunction with the one-piece kilt. They are generally constructed from leather and feature straps that are worn over the upper part of the foot. The most commonly used color of kilt shoes is black, however, they are also available in other colors, including brown.

Where can I purchase Kilt Shoes?

There are several locations where you can purchase Kilt shoes. The majority of shoe stores have a section on the shoes. They can also be found on the internet. Scotland Kilt Collection is a great source to purchase kilts. They offer a variety of styles and you’re certain to find the right pair to meet your requirements.

Once you’ve learned everything about kilts now is the time to go out and begin looking to find your perfect pair!

How do I tie Kilt Shoes?

  • Begin by putting on your socks, then put on your Kilt.
  • Set your kilt shoe on your feet.
  • Then tie them around your ankle Be sure that they’re tight enough to ensure that the shoe doesn’t slide off, but not too tight so that it’s uncomfortable.
  • Laces are crossed across the ankle and attached to the ankle behind the calves.
  • Make sure that the bow is secure and tight before you step out in your kilt.
  • If you follow these steps you’ll be able to tie your kilt shoes as the pros!

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