7 Best Tourist Attractions in Clarksburg


If you are visiting the city of Clarksburg for a few days, then know what its best attractions to explore are. The city is now the seat of Harrison County that overflows with culture due to its long history.

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  1. The Downtown Historic District

Explore the historic district of Clarksburg that is undoubtedly a sight to behold. Watch out for the architectural styles, the most notable of which are the Renaissance Revival and Italianate styles.

  1. The Clarksburg History Museum

The museum was opened as part of their Veteran’s Day celebration. With plenty of dedication, this educates the community and passes down its appreciation for art, history, and culture.

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  1. The Veteran’s Memorial Park

Explore the Veteran’s Memorial Park which features several grills, water, and electricity shelters. The park is the perfect venue for a medium to a significant event. You can come here for a birthday party or a family reunion, you will indeed have a great time.

4.Clarksburg Amphitheater

This famous attraction is located at the center of all the excitement within Clarksburg. You will find this place hosts a large number of events and cultural presentations. Go and have some fun, here. this theatre was built in 2009 and has become a well-established facility in the community. Enjoy off Road Tour in Maryland

  1. The Minard’s Spaghetti Inn

If you love to dine out, visit this hotel made in 1937, by Michael and Rose Minard. People visit to express their love and talent for Italian cooking that they had learned from their family. above all, here you can have a variety of local dishes which are a must to try! Get a mouth-watering experience here with your loved ones!

  1. The New Pointe Plaza

Anyone who wants to go for a little shopping, head towards this area. Get relaxed and fall in love with the place they’re in. the plaza is among one of the best places to do this in Clarksburg. At this point, you can explore various top-rated shops, boutiques, eateries, and much more!

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  1. Climb Pinnickinnick Mountain

For people who want to go hiking and spend time in the natural environment, then attraction is the best for them. Here, you will get activities that can relax people who enjoy the outdoors. 

Above all, you will find comfort in the middle of the wilderness. Enjoy this trekking site if you are looking for in your trip, to Pinnicknnick Mountain. This destination is a must place that you should visit.

So, folks, if you are planning to hop into the city, then mark these places on your to-do list! Enjoy the tour with allegiant airlines flights!

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