Fun things to do Oakland


Oakland, the city, nestled in California, is famous for many beautiful stunning sightseeing. However, it has formed many famous personalities and houses gorgeous beaches, tall stunning buildings, spectacular sightseeing etc.

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Let us see some spectacular sites of this city. 

Visit the Oakland Museum of California

If you want to learn about California’s rich heritage and culture, visit this museum. This museum has lots of things to explore for the history enthusiast. Come here to see various exhibitions of an extensive wide range of collections, including the history of the state natural sciences, California arts, and many more. In addition, this museum serves the purpose of the community’s overall growth and features political activism, history and social justice movements. Have a glimpse of the famous Black Panther and many other extinct animals here. 

Lake Merritt

Visit this famous parkland for a half-day that allows you to capture these beautiful themed gardens, Bonsai gardens, an edible garden, a Mediterranean garden, and also offers a Children’s Fairyland for children. These beautiful expansive lawns have tall, pretty luxuriant trees and provide an ideal place for picnics amidst the lush green background that are too beautiful to be witnessed. This lake will make you go mesmerized and is genuinely worth watching. This lake is nestled in the city’s heart, and people love visiting this lake during the weekends. The overall area is seven acres. 

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Jack London Square

The enormous architectural building houses the stomping ground of the American author Jack London and is situated near the Oakland estuary. This famous destination offers a peaceful maritime atmosphere with a waterfront. This iconic historic building is named after Jack London, who worked at Oakland port. This replica building of the cabin of this author is made into the square centre, standing tall at the same point where the author used to live. Relish the most spectacular feeling at this place.

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Children’s Fairyland

The very splendid fairyland is located near Lake Merritt’s Lakeside Park andwas established in 1950 for kid entertainment. This area offers many exciting and humorous activities for young children; Walt Disney can be found here related to the whimsical storybook-themed amusement fairyland. There are many features that this fairyland has, like the fairy tales to life, including Jolly Roger pirate ship out of Peter Pan’s world, Alice’s rabbit tunnel, and many more. Take along the kids to enjoy this exciting place. Try ATV in California

Redwood Regional Park 

This regional park houses many coastal redwood trees standing and waving tall up to 150 feet. The regional park located near downtown Oakland has been used for logging for timber. This beautiful park was once a forest but now has been transformed into an endangered parkland. This stunning park also features many hiking trails and is worth visiting for meditation in the redwood thickets of the forest area. 

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