Let Know New Court Marriage Fee in Pakistan

New Court Marriage Fee in Pakistan:

The new court marriage fee in Pakistan is between Rs50000 to Rs100000 including all expenses depending on the case circumstances and lawyers competency. Some incompetent lawyers can put you behind the bars due to their incompetency so always choose an expert lawyer. The last step is to call the “immigration office” of the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates to sign and stamp the document. The couple then needs to bring all of the papers to the  Pakistan Embassy in Beirut to have the marriage and any children enrolled in  Pakistan (humanitarian group Meeting, March 2018). Unofficial marriages in urfi that take place in the outside world from  Pakistan among two  Pakistan’s after court marriage fee in Pakistan for Muslims and Christian register marriage, are required to be recognized in the country of the host before being recognized in  Pakistan.

Sharia Judge:

 However, certain  Pakistan’s can bypass these requirements by making contact with a Sharia judge in  Pakistan directly and then retrospectively register their marriage using the standard method. It can be done in person or through an intermediary in Pakistan. A few Pakistan refugees living in Turkey are, as an instance, using this method (humanitarian group meeting, June 2018). In these cases, it is not clear if the marriage contract signed by Sharia court will mention the place where the marriage contract was signed. 5.3


 In the course of the civil war during the civil war, the number of fake identity documents after court marriage fee in Pakistan for Muslims and Christian register marriage has risen dramatically. This is also true for official documents issued on the base of false premises or incorrect information, in exchange for the payment of Bribes, such as wedding and divorce documents, as well as family records.

Christian Register Marriage:

Regarding the court marriage fee in Pakistan for Muslims and Christian register marriage, Since the start of civil wars, immigration authorities of a variety of Western nations have witnessed an upsurge in the number of false marriage certificates as well as additional “supporting documents” in applications for family immigration (document expert at a Western Embassy in Amman meeting during September 2013, and in September 2015 Norway’s embassy in Amman and Amman, gathering in September of 2015 diplomat at the Western Embassy in Beirut in the month of October 2014).

Law Journal on Court Marriage:

Based on an article published on the site  Pakistan Law Journal on court marriage fee in Pakistan for Muslims and Christian register marriage (n.d.) that was released in September 2017, fifty percent of the attempts to legalize and register international marriage agreements in  Pakistan were forged in some manner. The sources of the information were not made public. In  Pakistan, it was widespread, even before the civil war started, for people to pay small amounts of money to officials to allow services to be provided.

Sharia Court:

In Sharia courts, for instance, Sharia court, as an instance it is typical to pay a tiny amount to get forms and also to allow the assistance of the judge to complete an agreement for marriage. There are also those who register or get documents that aren’t in compliance with relevant regulations by paying huge amounts of money or bribes (van Eijk, meeting in June 2018).

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