How to View Instagram Stories on Your Computer?

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For a long time, Instagram’s best features were only accessible via the app. If you use a desktop as frequently as you do a mobile device, you may find this frustrating. Slowly but surely, though, visit website the popular social media platform has added more and more app functions to its website. The story is a feature that can be accessed in both the app and online versions of the game. SmiHub provided a view of Instagram stories and made it possible to download them without any Instagram account. It will helps you to find tags, profiles. This is an amazing editor and viewer.

Currently, Instagram reports that more than 500 million accounts use Stories every day. This is not unexpected. These small peeks into the lives of friends, family members, and strangers can be addictive. If you haven’t worked out how to access Instagram Stories on your computer using the Instagram website, here are the steps.

Click-and-read stories

Compared to seeing stories on the app, viewing stories on a computer is like viewing stories on a mobile device. Always located on the homepage are articles. It is simply situated differently. On the main page of the app, the stories are always presented in ascending order. On your computer, you can find them on the side of the site that is to the right.

Therefore, to locate stories, visit (not your profile page). Then, on the right side of the screen, under your profile photo and name, you should look. There, you’ll discover stories. You can explore stories using the scroll bar and view them by clicking on a photo. Need it all? When you launch a new screen by clicking the Watch All button at the top of the Stories box, you will be able to, as the name suggests, watch all of them. To exit the story, click the X in the top right corner when you’re finished watching.

App-exclusive story features.

Several story elements are still inoperable on the website. Aside from using the application, there is no way to silence stories that have been shared. On a story’s menu, you can report an issue by clicking “Report” at the upper right of the screen. To add insult to injury, there is now no way for you to post your own narrative.


Remember, just as in the app, if you view someone’s story, they will be able to see that you did so. This means they will know whether you are stalking an ex-partner or former employer. However, tracking views can only be viewed through the app.

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