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We have some suggestions for you if you’re unsure about what to do with a tapestry – twenty, to be exact! A piece of textile fabric known as a tapestry can be either thin and screen printed or thick and handwoven. There are several tapestry ideas available, so you may get started right away.

1. Create an Impactful Wall

To draw attention, hang a tapestry from one wall in the space. Statement walls are meant to catch the eye while enhancing the interior design of the space. Even in a rental, tapestries can add visual interest or make a statement. Find out here how to hang a tapestry.

2. Climb the ceiling

Hanging a tapestry from the ceiling can give your room movement and depth, utilizing a region of the room that is frequently overlooked. By drawing the tapestry tightly or letting it billow and drape from the ceiling, you can alter the appearance of this space. Continue reading if you want more hanging tapestry inspiration.

3. Use as a blanket for a picnic

Are you itching to go on a picturesque picnic that motivates you and keeps your food and clothes tidy? Employ a tapestry! It won’t be waterproof, so make sure the ground is dry before laying it down, but it will make a lovely backdrop for a picnic with your loved ones.

4. Protect the couch

There are many good reasons to cover a couch: perhaps a cat attacked it; perhaps children spilled food on it; perhaps you’re just sick of the same old print. Larger tapestries are available that work nicely as couch covers. You’ll have a brand-new couch on your hands if you tuck it in around the edges.

5. Utilize as drapes

If you’re sick of the same old curtain alternatives, consider adding some lovely tapestries to the mix. Depending on the look you want, you can use a single tapestry or a few. To maintain the elegant appearance, you may even place them on a curtain rod.

6. Introduce to the Beach

Bring a tapestry if you want a quick and simple way to stretch out on the sand without sand heaps ending up in cracks that you didn’t agree to! Many of them are lightweight and fold up quite a little, making them the ideal accompaniment to beach activities specially in California.

 7. Decorate for an occasion 

Decorate with a large tapestry to give your party or event some flair. You might use it as a tablecloth, a backdrop for party photos, or another ornamental item to cover a large, boring wall. An original method to energize an event is to decorate with tapestries.

Making a Seat Cover

A tapestry allows you a tonne of design and fabric options to construct the chair and seating options of your desires, whether you want to restore that old, fantastic Papasan chair or make some new meditation cushions that folks may sit on.

9. Apply as a bedcover

If you don’t want to spend money on new bedding, you may easily modify the appearance of your bed (and bedroom) by utilizing a tapestry as a bedspread. To keep things exciting, fashionable, and consistently new, you can switch things up as frequently as you change your linens. There are so many options for bedroom tapestries!

10. Build a Fort

Who doesn’t enjoy forts? Maybe it’s been a long time since you were in one. It’s time to redesign the fort so that adults may use it. Use a tapestry to make a fort by hanging it like a tent from the ceiling above a bed and supporting it with chairs from your childhood or other items. Then, after a brief period of relaxation, slip inside with a lantern and your preferred book.

11. Create a headboard in

Headboards can be hefty and pricey. Perhaps you don’t want all that weight hanging on the wall. You no longer have to, though. Place a beautiful tapestry behind your bed so that it can serve as a headboard instead. If you prefer a headboard’s stability but adore a tapestry’s design, you can wrap the tapestry around the headboard and staple it to make a one-of-a-kind piece.

12. Use this Mat for Meditation

Finding serenity in an often chaotic world can be accomplished through meditation, which is an effective tool. Your meditation practice would benefit greatly from the inclusion of tapestries. They can serve as a designated sitting area for meditation. A tapestry can also be used to make a meditation pillow in the design of your choice.

13. Repurpose as ornamental pillows

By turning your favorite tapestry into colorful throw pillows, you may infuse your home with a whimsical or cozy touch. Several online tutorials demonstrate various techniques for stitching both with and without a sewing machine. So have your tools ready and start being creative.

14. Make a tablecloth out of it.

When it’s time for dinner, spruce things up with a tapestry tablecloth. Simply spread your preferred one on the table to transform your meal experience. For special events, if you want a little extra something for decoration, a tapestry tablecloth is ideal.

15. Use As A Temporary Door

Doors might occasionally feel overly confining, yet removing them can leave a room feeling vulnerable. By hanging a tapestry over a doorway to divide a room from a closet or even as curtains for your pantry, you can achieve the best of both worlds. While adding aesthetic value to your room, they also let air and movement pass through.

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