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smart home technology

If you’ve seen ‘Man vs Bee’ you would’ve definitely swooned over the latest home tech in the Kolstad’s house. It is no surprise that with the evolving technology, we get to see unbelievable inventions that make our daily tasks easier. The possibility of almost everything getting automated seems very real in this day and age.  

You might be looking for home technologies all the time in this fast-paced era. People have become so busy that there is hardly time to manage regular chores. In such scenarios, how great it would be to get help fast just like the resolution you get on calling the Cox customer service phone number! Or have robots cook every meal for us and consequently do the dishes too. This is a possibility that has started to become a reality, though very slowly. But the below-mentioned home technologies are already here and are going to take over lives like a storm. 

Smart Vacuums 

You’ve moved from swiping brooms and mops to hovering over your carpet to get every inch of crumb out. But it’s finally time for you to retire from that job because we now have smart vacuums. You may have been Cinderella in your story but you can now finally pass the baton to the latest technology. 

Kick back and relax, while smart vacuums do the cleaning for you! Although you’ll still require a regular vacuum to cater to sudden messes or deep cleaning, smart vacuums will aid you in cleaning on a regular basis. With built-in GPS technology and numerous sensors, these machines can navigate around your house cleaning your carpets and floors. Moreover, they can even mop the tiles or floors. Furthermore, you can even schedule the days and times you want the cleaning to be done.  

Smart Thermostats 

You’re probably done paying sky-high electricity bills and trying to manage the thermostat yourself. Smart thermostats are the solution to your problem. They not only reduce electricity usage but keep you perfectly comfortable through sensors. They can be programmed to work at efficient temperatures when your house is empty. Consequently, they can start cooling or warming up the house for you when you’re on your way back.  

It feels surreal to think that your house is able to warm or cool itself up as per your liking before you even reach home. You can change the settings through your smartphone when you leave work. Or you can even let the GPS location work its magic for you. The thought of coming home to a cold store in winter or a burning hell hole in summer is no longer a thought. You can change the temperature as per the level of comfort when you’re not even present in the house. You can turn on the air conditioner a little while before you arrive instead of letting it run all day and paying a fortune.  

Smart Cooking Appliances 

There might be multiple incidents where you may have burnt an entire family dinner because you forgot to turn off the stove. Our busy routines can totally make such tasks slip off your mind. But ever-growing technology has even found a solution to this problem. You can now pre-heat ovens and crock pots and even turn on air fryers with a simple tap on your smartphone.  

Furthermore, you can even receive alerts to let you know when the appliance is done pre-heating so that you can pop in the prepared cake batter timely. Moreover, they’ll even let you know when they’re done, saving you from a burnt disaster.  

Smart Security 

Often times you may not be aware of packages or people arriving at your doorstep. Thieves are likely to get their hands on these unattended parcels. After the pandemic, contactless delivery surged even more. Hence, there came a need to be aware of this situation. Smart security has bridged this gap by allowing you to monitor these packages through two cameras at different angles.  

Furthermore, AI sensors in the device detect when someone approaches the door and instantly send you a notification. This helps you answer the door or pick up your parcels as soon as they arrive.  


Household chores can seem never-ending but with a little help from smart home tech, you can relieve half of the burden from yourself. We’ve already witnessed a variety of new technologies that leave us in awe. We can only imagine what the coming years have in store for us.  

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