Swimming! This does swimming laps for your body every week

lifeguard recertification

If you are still looking for a sport to get a fit body while at the same time you don’t feel like doing it fanatically, then you may have come to the right place with swimming. Time to track down your bathing suit (or buy a new one) with lifeguard recertification.

This does laps for your body

You may only swim if you get too hot while sunbathing on the beach in the summer and want to take a refreshing dip. But swimming with your bestie every week is not only fun, but also good for you. Because this does swimming laps for your body every week

You get a top condition from it

You may think that you only do a little something in the water. But swimming breaststroke laps really does get you in good shape. It requires quite a bit of capacity from your lungs to swim laps.

It’s okay if you have injuries

Or if you are injury prone. For example, you can get injured quite quickly from running, but not from swimming. The water protects your muscles and joints, as it were. You are weightless. That is why it is also a fantastic sport if you already have injuries and want to continue exercising.

You get stronger muscles

By doing laps every week you get stronger muscles. You improve the strength in your arms, abdomen, back and legs.

This is because you are not only doing the ‘swimming movement’, but your body is also doing its best not to sink into the pool.

In short, swimming makes you fit. It will get you in good shape (which may come in handy when running or dancing the night away in the pub). And, to top it all off, swimming also gives you a toned body. And all while you can just chat with your bestie. Win-win-win situation!

Take a dip? This is why swimming is so good for you

Are you more of a towel sleeper than a water rat? That will surely change now. Swimming is very good for you. We have listed all the advantages for you.

That nice cooling dip is also good for your health. Handy huh?

This is why swimming is good for you

Okay, the weather is not very nice right now, but next week there is a good chance of 31 degrees. Do you love swimming, and do you immediately dive into the water with such nice weather? Then we have good news, because swimming has many health benefits. We list them for you.

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  1. It is a form of aerobics
  2. The water absorbs your weight, which protects your joints
  3. Everyone can swim, because it is good for every body
  4. By swimming against the current, you train your muscles and your heart and lungs
  5. Fat burning goes up, so you lose weight
  6. It lowers the risk of cholesterol
  7. It fights cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer
  8. It also fights anxiety, stress and depression because it reduces the lowers stress levels in your body
  9. It helps against loneliness, because you often do it in social company
  10. It is good for a general resistance to chronic diseases

But, how often do you have to swim to experience these health benefits? According to experts, a 30-minute dive is equivalent to 150 minutes of intense exercise. wow! They do recommend swimming about 3 to 5 times a week for at least 20 minutes to keep your body nice and healthy.

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