Car Trouble: 5 Silent Signs that Your Car is Failing

Signs that Your Car is Failing

Whether your car is a vintage or brand-new luxury car, you are likely to overlook signs of your car’s failing performance. It is a well-maintained and family trusted vehicle because of which you neglect and dismiss those bangs and squealing sounds as a blip. But don’t wait too long to ensure a safe driving experience.

Sometimes, you head to a tyre shop dubai to get the air pressure inflated after your car almost loses grip and goes side-lines. It happens when you don’t get it checked from a car garage until it is too late. Therefore, it is worth recognising the warning signs before it is too late and you find yourself in the middle of a tragic accident.

So, to help you beware of the engine damage, we have created a list of potential signs and symptoms of engine damage. From suspicious sounds and smoke to other alarming signs, you will be able to understand what you must be repairing or look out for to avoid repair bills.

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1. Suspicious Noises

You spend a considerable amount of time driving from home to the office and then to the drugstore before returning home. Meanwhile, you become acquainted with the noises your vehicle makes that you can tell when it sounds different. Following are some of the noises you must be concerned about:


If you hear a knocking or thumping sound, the chances are that the rod bearing either has loosened up or got worn out. They are likely to fail soon, and car specialists do not recommend driving in such a state.


If you find your ride hitting amazing high-notes like Adele or making ear-splitting squeals, there is a possibility that the fan belt is suffering. When it loosens up, it stops moving at the same pace as the pulley, resulting in high-pitched noises.


A grinding noise is never pleasing to the ears because it means that the front brake pads have worn out when you hit the road.

2. Smoky Exhaust

Clear smoke from your tailpipe is normal, but you have an actual problem if it is blue, black or white.

Blue Smoke

The pipeline will puff out blue smoke if the oil escapes from the engine and burns with the fuel. A quick fix would be to add the engine oil in the crankcase, but we recommend you take it to a reliable car mechanic.

White Smoke

White smoke is the sign of antifreeze or water condenser getting mixed with the fuel. Topping up with the coolant will provide a temporary solution, but a professional inspection would be wiser.

Black Smoke

If you witness black smoke and it does not clear up when the engine warms up, there is a possibility that the air filters are clogged up, leaky fuel injector or bad fuel pressure regulator. A simple replacement would fix the problem of car ac service in dubai . However, the issue will continue if you do not balance the air-to-fuel ratio.

3. Difficulty in Starting the Vehicle

You turn the key into ignition but nothing. You try again, but frustration is your fate for the day. Then, the starter motor cranks weakly. Sometimes it cranks strongly yet refuses to ignite up. Such a dramatic mystery you are trying to solve like a detective.

An old battery is a suspect if it has loose connections or cranking and dashboard lighting are weak. But a competent car mechanic would advise you to conduct a further investigation because faulty ignition systems, blown fuses or faulty systems are also maniacal culprits.

4. Poor Acceleration

You know exactly when your ride is sluggish. There are numerous reasons behind such abnormal behavior.

First, ensure that you are feeding the right fuel to your ride. Your car will perform poorly if it gets lower octane fuel than that the car manufacturers recommend. It will cause engine damage if you neglect your engine’s needs for too long.

In addition, clogged fuel injectors and dirty air cleaners can cause sluggish acceleration. Car deep cleaning Dubai specialists provide a complete guide for regular maintenance of your vehicle.

5. Oil or Fluid Under the Car

Spotting a patch of oil or any other fluid under your parked car can be problematic. It means that the engine encounters severe damage and demands a thorough inspection.

The Takeaway

It is challenging to spot the cause when your car starts to act up or the wheel does not align. Taking it to the mechanic seems the best idea, but having general knowledge about your ride’s condition is essential. It will reduce the risk of you getting ripped off at the repair shop.

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