AdvancedMD Pricing – Is it Right For Your Practice?


You can find out about AdvancedMD pricing by reading this article. It’s not that expensive and offers flexible plans for your needs. The other important aspects to consider are first-pass rate, cost, and integration with credit card processors. AdvancedMD was named the Best EMR Overall by Business News Daily. Pricing is competitive. But how do you compare AdvancedMD’s cost with other systems? Here are some tips to help you decide.

Flexible Pricing Plans

As the medical industry evolves, it’s essential to leverage technology. AdvancedMD allows practitioners to choose which features they want to use and subscribe to certain services at a reduced cost. This allows them to increase their bottom line while reducing their overhead costs. This software provides a full suite of revenue cycle management solutions, including patient engagement and billing. Flexible pricing plans are available for a variety of practice sizes. Learn more about the benefits of AdvancedMD.

For smaller practices, the encounter-based plan may be the best fit. AdvancedMD pricing plan starts at $2.18 per encounter and carries a $500 minimum. The monthly minimum applies irrespective of the number of providers or patients. This plan is ideal for small practices that see less than 230 patients a month. In addition, it allows practices to take advantage of AdvancedMD’s powerful platform while maintaining a budget. However, these plans may not be ideal for larger practices.

First-Pass Rate of 95% or More

The first step in the claims submission process is for a physician to release clinical notes, which are then transmitted to AdvancedMD’s billing module. The company’s in-house billing staff will then review these notes, generate claims and submit them to the clearinghouse. AdvancedMD billing services feature a team of certified billers who will scrub claims for errors. Furthermore, the company’s claims scrubbing software will ensure that claims are processed with the highest possible first-pass rates.

AdvancedMD has integration with Surescripts, which is common with medical billing software. This allows practices to track and download patient histories. The company also offers integration with DrFirst for electronic prescriptions. AdvancedMD offers the first-pass rate of 95% or higher. These features make AdvancedMD an excellent choice for practices that need comprehensive billing and coding capabilities. With this platform, providers can easily keep track of their patients and billing information with the click of a button.

Integration with Credit Card Processors

AdvancedMD’s billing software integrates with credit card processors, allowing for a seamless transition from paper to electronic billing. One swipe of a patient’s card posts the charge to their account. The software offers comprehensive coding and billing capabilities and is compatible with multiple payment processing systems. AdvancedMD also offers a powerful support system to help practices manage the many coding tasks that come with billing and coding. Support for billing and coding is available via email and live chat, as well as a library of articles and webinars, regulatory updates, and more.

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AdvancedMD’s pricing model allows practices to pay a fixed amount for their services, ranging from 3% to 8% of their net monthly collections. However, some outliers pay as little as 2%, while others pay up to 9%. Regardless of the payment plan you choose, you should allow enough time for training. In addition, AdvancedMD offers phone support, help desk tickets, and remote access technical support.


AdvancedMD costs around $3,000 per month, but is it worth the money? If you’re comparing the cost of AdvancedMD vs. other EHR systems, you’ll find that the former costs about half of what AdvancedMD does. AdvancedMD also offers customization and flexibility. Nonetheless, it is not the right choice for small practices with limited budgets and a need for ease of use. But it does have a few benefits.

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If you need a full-featured revenue cycle management solution, AdvancedMD may be the right choice. Their platform includes revenue management services including billing and collection services, medical billing software, and insight. And with no long-term contracts, AdvancedMD has an incentive to make its users happy. So what are the options for your practice? Below, you’ll discover which one fits your needs. And, if you’re unsure of which one to choose, just fill out the online form.

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