What Do You Need for Rhythmic Gymnastics?


Gymnastics is not only beautiful but also hard work. To perform various tricks and to practice rhythmic gymnastics, you need to buy special clothes that are comfortable and functional. Also, you need to have gymnastic equipment Even for training, you will need to carefully choose costumes. Very relevant for training purposes, and at any time of the year, warming overalls. They improve circulation and direct blood to the muscles. This helps athletes warm up faster and avoid sprains.

A more thorough analysis requires “working” clothes and shoes that are worn for competitions and performances.

Leotards for rhythmic gymnastics

Leotards are the main part of the equipment of gymnasts. They must meet certain requirements. Therefore, when buying, consider:

  • The size. This is the main parameter that ensures the productive and safe work of gymnasts. Choose the form strictly according to the figure of the athlete. Small clothes cut in and interfere with movement. Large – creates folds and also does not allow the child to freely perform exercises. An oversized suit can even lead to injury. Pay attention to the seams. Perfect if they don’t rub.
  • Material. Leotards for performances can be made of synthetic and natural fabrics. Each of them has its pros and cons. Synthetics are easier to clean, dry quickly, and inexpensive. What makes parents happy? However, such things do not pass air well. And this creates unfavorable conditions for full-fledged work. Natural materials are more expensive. But it is more convenient for gymnasts to practice and perform in it.
  • Design _ The appearance of swimsuits must match the music to which the child will perform. Often bright colors are selected and decorated with rhinestones or sequins. In general, the style and details are discussed with the coach, and clothes are often sewn to order. And in order for the costume to retain its appearance for a long time, put it in a case.

Half toes for rhythmic gymnastics

Half toes, they are also half shoes – the main shoes of such athletes. It got its name because it hides only the toe. Such an element is held with the help of ribbons or elastic bands that are wrapped around the legs.

They are produced in two versions: they are woven and leather. Often in stores, you can find combined half-fingers. And this variety is very popular among professionals. The inside is made of nylon or cotton. It is soft and pleasant to the touch. Outside shoes are made of leather, which increases the level of durability and wears resistance.

When buying, also carefully select the size. Those models that fit the foot, do not put pressure on it, are suitable. The seams of such a product must be smooth, otherwise, calluses will appear.

The set of colors for half shoes is standard: white, brown, flesh. The latter are often worn for performances.

Beginner athletes can practice in the usual Czechs or socks.

Backpack for rhythmic gymnastics

Due to the fact that gymnasts regularly use various equipment, it is necessary to buy a special children’s backpack for your child. It will become an excellent assistant to the child and will facilitate the carrying of numerous training items.

Sports backpacks for rhythmic gymnastics are different from school bags and other shoulder bags. They are equipped with a large number of branches. Manufacturers make a separate pocket for maces and ribbons. It is elongated, but if necessary, it can be folded.

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Give preference to durable waterproof backpacks with anatomically padded shoulder straps. Their length should be adjustable, which will allow you to adjust the purchase to the growth of the child.

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