5 Features to Look For In a Video Slideshow Maker

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Nowadays, people prefer to sing with videos rather than with flowers and cards. A short 2-5 minute video provides a kaleidoscope of emotions that effectively conveys the message. However, if you are not very technical, creating a video slideshow can be a bit difficult. Adding photo effects and animation may take more work than expected.

You can avoid some problems by choosing to use a video slideshow maker. But considering most products on the market, not all are designed equally. Some are better than others, making it easier to create video slideshows. So if you are looking for a good software, here are the 5 essential features.

1. Template Gallery

A gallery of professionally created templates can really work; the more, the better. This gives you an artistic canvas to work with. The models can be adapted to your tastes and preferences. There should also be a range of theme templates to give you something for every occasion.

2. Social Media Integration

Social media has become an important part of our lives. A video slideshow maker that lets you import images from your computer as well as from Google, Instagram, and Facebook is a good choice. There are several that allow you to upload the Instagram video downloader to Facebook and YouTube after creating it. You can also share it by email or embed it in your blog. For the latter, you can create a widget and copy-paste it to your blog or website.

The other option you have is to download it to your computer and burn it to a DVD. You should also be able to save in a variety of formats such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, etc. for easy viewing later.

3. Editing and animation functions

What really brings your to life are the text, graphics, and sound effects it contains. The video slideshow maker should provide many of these features to enrich your video. It includes things like transitions and credits, motion effects, interesting title clips and slide captions, adding music and soundtracks, panning and zooming, image rotation, cropping, cropping, brightness and color balance.

4. Ease of use

Whether you’re adjusting a photo or adding a soundtrack, it’s no use if you can’t use it. Choose a video slideshow maker with an intuitive user interface and minimal learning curve. Features should be easy to understand and implement, even for the most tech-savvy.

5. Mobile Optimization

All websites, blogs and video slideshows created today should be optimized for PC and mobile devices. Featured sliders are compatible with websites and mobile devices. If you are willing to spend money on a good program, it is better if it offers mobile optimization.

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