Canada PR Visa: Eligibility points, cost, and next draw

You must score at least 67 points in the 67 Points Calculator for qualifying to file a Canada PR Visa application. IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada uses this calculator for determining the immigration eligibility of all applicants. 67 points is the least score required by applicants to become eligible for the FSWP – Federal Skilled Workers Program. It is one of the 3 federal immigration programs under the Express Entry System.  

A total of 100 points are available for each candidate under the FSWP. If you do not score the required 67 points, your application will be rejected.

FSWP Selection Criteria

The FSWP has six factors that determine the eligibility score of the applicants. The criteria are as per the IRCC policies. Points are allocated to candidates based on these factors and application is evaluated.

The factors and maximum scores under each factor are as follows:

·         Language (28 points)

·         Education (25 points)

·         Age (12 points)

·         Work Experience (15 points)  

·         Stable job offer in Canada (10 points)  

·         Adaptability (10 points)  

Tips to enhance Points Score

The total score of the applicants is calculated from 100 points. Those who score 67 and higher points are chosen through FSWP. You can increase your score in some ways including

·         Reappear for IELTS to score higher bands

·         Enroll for a Degree or Certification course

·         Attempt to enhance your work experience

·         Improve your educational qualifications

Total cost for Canada PR from India

ECA – Education Credential Assessment11,476200
Permanent Residence Fee· Primary Applicant· Secondary Applicant· Child Applicant 31,56031,5608,607 550550150
Per applicant Travelling Ticket74,597 – 1,03,2981,300 – 1,800
Medical Fee5,000 – 9,00087 – 156
Passport Fee1,000 – 2,00017 – 34

Canada Express Entry next draw prediction

Express Entry is a highly renowned pathway for applying to and obtaining Canada PR Visa. It is an immigration program based on points. Your score in the Express Entry system decides whether you receive an Invitation to Apply for Canada PR Visa from IRCC or not. It is for this reason that PR Visa aspirants are keen on the Canada Express Entry next draw prediction. The applicants are also watchful about trends for a cut-off score or CRS score required for each draw.

By analyzing the trends for Express Entry draws held in 2021, it is possible to make certain observations regarding draws for 2022. But it must be noted that estimations are not fully-proof and the interplay of various factors influences the CRS cut-off.

Will the CRS score go down in 2022?

One of the major questions on the minds of the Express Entry pool candidates is whether the CRS will decrease? But predictions for Express Entry draws are never simple in any way. If we observe the trends for 2021 with respect to the CRS score, it reveals that the cut-off scores are highly volatile from one draw to another.

The volume of candidates in the Express Entry pool and their profile strength are known only to the IRCC. It is announced only after the draw results are published for each draw.

The Express Entry draws conducted in 2021 targeted candidates only in CEC and PNP categories. These are likely to be already present in Canada. The trend has continued so far in 2022 as well. The transition in choice of candidates was chiefly due to the global pandemic that completely transformed the immigration scenario.

However, IRCC recently announced that it will resume FSWP invitations beginning from July 2022.

Immigration Consultancies have an individual set of criteria when it comes to their consultation fees and charges. The Canadian PR fee and cost in India are also variable owing to several factors.

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Meta-description: You must score at least 67 points in the 67 Points Calculator for qualifying to file a Canada PR Visa application through Federal Skilled Workers Program


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