Custom Web Designing Features for Automotive Dealers’ Sites


A number of people are using internet to research and purchase vehicles . Aware of these things many dealers are using internet  to reach out to the potential customers and the competition is also increasing in these internet era so we need to keep the website updated as well. It is the only medium through which we can connect and attract customers. 

The websites are basically the way to know people about your products and services. If the website is not easy to use and handle it is of no use for the customers . It should be attractive and definitely should be user friendly with that. 

Mostly people are serving the same product and services but the people will get attracted where they will find their comfort and flexibility and help option should be there and it should be able to help people easily and effectively.

The other factors which is affecting this is their ranking and reviews given by previous customers. So it needs to have a contact option for recent customers and for precious customers as well if in case they are facing any issues. As we all know that retaining the customer and customer loyalty is the very important part of marking schemes . 

It should have a attractive theme as it reflects the positive impact as it shows dealership image in a positive way.  From automatic site design we can ensure the product flexibility. It offers a variety of designs, options and offers on the services and products which we offer. 

It is definitely a 24/7 service which is being provided online on the sites. We should create a clear structure and navigation to make it user friendly and should customise the proper branding and it is name which is linked with it permanently. 

We should only craft the original and informative content To make it more liable and customer trust is built. We need to have unique and effective website to attract people and it should connect to people so that we can change them into buyers. For getting the proper engagement and attention to the site we definitely need to add features for automative dealers site 


1. Facebook integration: – 

In this era the internet is the future and social media is the base for it so it all depends on how well it is integrated.

2. Built in blog : – 

As we know that the blogging is the cost effective way to improve our search engine optimisation and brings more traffic to the website.

3. Custom online forms : – 

Using the online form is the best option as the paper forms usually get lost . It is better for the environment and easy to organise as well.

4. Inventory showcasing: – 

Showing the inventory attracts a lot of people . It makes everything easy to organise and will make us find the information more quickly and readily.

5. History reports: – 

We should keep the history reports handy to keep the customers aware about the things where you stand out from others and why should they choose you over others.

6. Landing pages: 

These should be up-to-date and allow customers to reach exactly where they want.  The information should be precise and accurate .

Conclusion : – To conclude the topic so as we discussed that the website should be user friendly and easy to use and easily accessible so that customers need not to worry and proper guidance should be given to each and every customer and the waiting time should be less for customers on the site and it should be neat and reliable site so that the customer loyalty is maintained as well . Always keep in mind To keep the website updated and maintained so that it is hassle free and easy to use and if some problem comes it should give proper customer help and provide a solution as well.

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Ekta Patel is a technical writer and digital marketer at Selected Firms. Skilled digital marketer with 7 Years of experience in eCommerce SEO marketing, Google AdWords, and social media content building. Successfully increased organic traffic by 70% for small and medium sized businesses in the eCommerce sector like top mobile app development companies in india. Has also built content for the company websites/apps, blog and case studies. Has profound experience in working for IT organizations and is responsible for introducing the latest eCommerce trends to the team.

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