Looking for quick SQL database recovery with zero loss? These tools may help

A major issue with SQL Database Recovery is the inability of your database in SQL server access. An easy and quick way to overcome this issue is to employ SQL recovery tools. The question, however, is how to identify the best tools for your use. Lots of choices in the market can make things confusing. So, we have compiled a list of several tools that you can use. To keep the things simple, we have also mentioned the main characteristics of those tools so that you can decide how relevant these tools are for your specific purposes: 

Table of contents

  1. SysTools 
  2. Stellar 
  3. Kernel for 
  4. SysinfoTools 
  5. DataNumen 
  6. DiskInternal 
  7. Aryson 
  8. Lepide 
  9. QuickData 
  10. RecoveryFIX 

SysTools SQL Database Recovery

 Apt at repairing corrupted NDF/MDF SQL server database files, SysTool SQL Repair Tool comes loaded with multiple capabilities. An impressive characteristic of this tool is efficient deleted records recovery with zero data loss which makes it a great option for recovering mission-critical data.

Here are some other characteristics of this tool:

  • Agile and sophisticated scanning process
  • Saving SQL file in STR format for later perusal
  • You can choose either Schema or schema & data for saving the file with your selected items
  • Compatible with every popular SQL Server version
  • Works well on Wallet ransomware as well to efficiently recover data of the affected .mdf files

Stellar SQL Database Recovery

 Famed as one of the oft-used and highly preferred dbRepair software, Stellar Repair can rectify general SQL errors in the record time. Moreover, it also ranks top in terms of utility value as it allows for saving files in different formats so that you can choose the most relevant one.

Salient features of this tool are:

  •  Efficiently repairs corrupted files of SQL Database (.mdf/.ndf)
  • Maximum recovery of deleted SQL database records
  • Option to choose from multiple formats for saving recovered files
  • Compatible with different SQL versions
  • Rectifies scheme corruption
  • Fixes coherence error 

Kernel for SQL Database Recovery

 If speed is what you are looking for then Kernel SQL Database Recovery Software is the most eligible candidate for you. With a remarkably rapid processing rate and reliable support for disparate SQL versions, the software helps in a swift and smooth recovery process without any complexities or bottlenecks. Here are a few other major characteristics of this software that make it the best choice for database administrators.

Here are other remarkable performance characteristics of this software: 

  • Extensive database files recovery capabilities across different SQL server 
  • Works well with extremely inaccessible files
  • Script form backup of the restored database
  • High-end performance for simultaneous recovery of multiple MDF and NDF files to speed up the process
  • Assists every MS SQL server

SysinfoTools SQL Database Recovery

 Safely recovering vital data from damaged files can be a tricky task when dealing with MS SQL recovery. SysinfoTools can perfectly be called purpose-built software for the risk-free rescue of such damaged database files. Moreover, the software also helps in maximizing the data recovery even from higher corruption levels. 

Some of the main qualities of this tool are as follows:

  • Both standards and advanced mode performance for MDF file recovery
  • Recovered data stored in two formats- as SQL server database format  or script format (compatible with SQL server)
  • MDF/NDF corrupt file recovery in SQL server database
  • Works seamlessly with different widely used versions of windows like 200, XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • Compatible with any SQL server version

DataNumen SQL Database Recovery

 Repairing damaged or corrupt MDF database files becomes less difficult with the help of the DataNumen SQL Recovery tool. Along with outstanding repairing capabilities the tool also possesses excellent recovery efficiency to recover as much data as possible. If reliable repairing and recovery of key data are your concerns then DataNumen won’t disappoint you

Some major points that make it an ideal tool are:

  •  High-end recovery capabilities for MSD/MDF files with the sizes as large as 16TB
  • Barring XML Type it can recover every type of data
  • Works on different corrupted Media including CDROMs, floppy discs, and zip disks
  • Can work on any SQL server version

DiskInternal SQL Database Recovery

 For DB admins looking for a one-stop end-to-end solution software for MS SQL recovery, repair and reconstruction need the Disinternal MSSQL Recovery software, period! Yes, this multifaceted software works on sophisticated algorithms for file recovery to extract MS SQL Databases even from highly damaged or fully formatted disks. It can access even the disks that its peers can’t. 

Moreover, it also surprises with its efficiency to reconstruct the damaged/corrupted databases- even the ones that seem to be hopeless!

Here are some key features of this software:

  • End to end preview of recovery to maintain complete transparency
  • Supports different needs and knowledge levels by working on multiple modes like a semi-automatic, fully automatic, and manual 
  • The maximum data size for recovery is 2GB
  • Compatible with every nationals/Unicode character table

Aryson SQL Database Recovery

 If you don’t want to waste time on intricate processes while recovering SQL Dataasbse files then go for the Aryson SQL Database Recovery Tool. Straightforward, intuitive, and user-friendly, this tool helps you recover the database files with less sweat and zero guesswork. Don’t be deceived by its ease of use as it packs lots of stamina inside. Supported by a superior algorithm under the hood, it can efficiently scan multiple corruption levels. 

Some of the best features of this tool are as follows:

  •  Efinet recovery of NDF/MDF corrupt files
  • Quick and simple yet repairing of SWL database files
  • Can work smoothly on different MS window versions
  • Users can store files in SQL script format

Lepide SQL Database Recovery

 Looking for complete real-time transparency and performance analysis during the recovery process? Lepide SQL Database Recovery tool is the best choice for you. This tool offers you transparency performance and storage visibility so that you stay updated. This transparency also allows you to get alerted when there arises a possibility of such issues so that you can take proactive action and forestall those issues before they start affecting the performance. 

Here are some other characteristics of this tool that offered it a position in this list:

  • Allows users to set criteria for real-time alerts 
  • A quick and smooth graphics display for seeing different SQL server elements
  • Comprehensive SQL reports to help you identify different levels of errors or areas of improvement
  • Sophisticated, extensive visibility of different components like tables, files, and databases

QuickData SQL Database Recovery

 Keeping the data integrity intact regardless of data elements is a major concern for you? Then QuickData SQL Database Recovery tool can be the right companion for you. It helps in recovering MDF /NDF files of multiple corruption levels. At the same time, the tool helps in preserving the original characteristics of various database components such as columns, saved procedures, tables, columns, triggers, and more. 

It is loaded with other capabilities as well:

  •  Extensive, 360-degree repairing of damaged MDF file along with every integrated component
  • Quick and advanced scan mode to support different needs as per specific instances and required solutions
  • Autodetection of SQL server version from the master database files that have been selected
  • Recover wide-ranging data including the data that has been permanently deleted 

RecoveryFIX SQL Database Recovery

 Best for effective database recovery within a decent time the Recover FIX SQL Database Recovery Tool is loaded with different mission-critical capabilities that lend it an optimized performance. It is a great tool that recovers data without disturbing their originality. Besides, it also offers a real-time transparent preview of the elements that it has recovered. 

Here are other major features that make this tool a great choice for database admins: 

  •  Efficient repairing of multiple MDF corruption issues
  • A highly sophisticated algorithm makes it a reliable solution for different instances
  • Complete real-time preview of the entire SQL database that has been recovered
  • Efficiently preservers the integrity of recovered data


SQL database plays a vital role for any website, especially the ones that need to collect heavy data and sensitive information.  However, many times, your SQL database might developsome issue and it can risk the entire database. However, with some good SQL Database recovery tools you can automatically retrieve your data. In this blog we mentioned some of the best tools for the purpose However, the readers are advised to first consult their web hosting provider in case of any issues. Being experienced in the web hosting technology, they would be able to help you decide the most relevant tool based to cater best to your needs.

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