How to Prepare for Reading Section if you are Planning to Give CELPIP

Canada is a great place to live. If we look at immigration records, the country has been a leading name for the international audience that resides there as a citizen. To get citizenship in Canada, you have to attempt a language test. When you talk about a language test for Canadian citizenship, CELPIP comes as the most common name.

The test is very standard and considered simpler than TOEFL and IELTS. However, many test-takers find its section a bit challenging somehow. Especially the reading section that requires specific skills and a language understanding.

Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)

The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is an English language assessment tool. It measures the test takers’ reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills that mainly attempt the test to get immigration to Canada. CELPIP is administered by Paragon Testing Enterprises., a subsidiary of the University of British Columbia. 

CELPIP: General is the leading English language proficiency test for immigration and professional designation in Canada. If you are not aware, the CELPIP test offers a 100% Canadian, computer-delivered test conducted in one sitting with quick online results. However, it is not possible to take the test remotely. It has to be in person at one of the test centers.

CELPIP Reading Section Preparation Guide

In theory, the reading section of CELPIP is pretty simple. It is reading passages and answering questions within 55-60 minutes (including time to go over instructions) time allotted. The section has 38 questions (39 if we include one practice task) divided into four components.

Number of QuestionsSection Components
11Reading Correspondence
8Reading to Apply a Diagram
9Reading for Information
10Reading for Viewpoints

Some specific tips can help you get through this particular section. If you understand the sector correctly, you won’t be facing any difficulties while preparing for it.

  1. Know the test & section first

CELPIP is a very Canadian test. But it does accept spellings from both American and British English. Yes, you can use any language approach in your CELPIP test. This point alone is why it is considered one of the most accessible and straightforward English language tests. Also, the different components in the Reading section are designed well to make you comfortable with variety. It is recommended to keep your preparation standard and don’t look for any unique technique.

  1. Use different resources

Reading section of any English language proficiency test requires an understanding of the common principles. For example, you do not need language expertise but a clear conscience for the English language. Using multiple resources to read grants you a variety. It always proves beneficial in understanding the language from its core. Use sources like magazines, newspapers, websites, news etc., to gather your preparation topics.

  1. Learn, don’t memorize

The CELPIP reading section assesses your language skills. Specifically, your learning capabilities help build a proper understanding of the language. Try reading and understanding the topics and the language. Memorizing may work in regular exams but not here. Tests like CELPIP, IELTS, GMAT etc., measure your ability differently. They do not count your abilities but their capabilities. Therefore, learn, don’t memorize.

  1. Keep your vocabulary simple & straightforward

Since CELPIP accepts American & British English, you do not need an extensive vocabulary. Every student uses both language approaches, and when it comes to taking a language test, it classes with their experience. Here, you can use any comfortable way you want in the CELPIP reading and other sections. This way, you do not have to filter your topics for reading. Just keep your vocabulary as it is and practice language understanding. It will be enough to get you through the CELPIP reading section.


The reading section of CELPIP is not that big of a deal. All you need is to see it through. Remember that Paragon allows you to attempt the test multiple times, so you don’t need to rush. However, don’t take this for granted and put your effort into a single attempt. The reading section requires language understanding, and later on, it assists you in all areas of CELPIP.


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